Hey everyone! what's up? Sorry if I misspell somethings! Our Zone tries not to speak English as much as possible. I'll give you a quick rundown, then I'll give you a day by day. I need nail clippers, my razor broke!!! So I need a new one, and a regular one. Some conference talks to read. President Monson's from April mainly! Shampoo, 2 long sleeve white shirts, and some ties. I need to most grotesque tie you can find. I've got to win the ugly tie contest Friday!!! And I need some sick t- shirts. Please fix my t swift one and send it to me! Also people... send me letters! If you send them through DearElder.com I get them that night! Monday is the only day I can write though! But letters are gold in the MTC! Aunt Tami hit me up with some buckeyes! Another Elder in my zone is from Ohio and he'll love them too...and he's a Buckeye fan! Anyways, I have two comanions. Elder Bean from Lehi and Elder Luna from a Navajo reservation in Arizona! Elder Luna is pretty quiet, but he's hillarious! And he's muy atletico so I like him a lot! Our Zone is the best in the M.T.C. Our zone leaders Elder Brooks and Elder Nielsen are way cool! Brooks plays soccer at Utah State and Nielsen is going to play basketball at SUU in two years! There are so many cool Elders in our Zone! I probably don't have time to name them all, but they're all great! My district has 11 elders! Six going to two different missions in Chile and 5 going to Guatemala City South! My companions and I are going to Guatemala City aswell as Elders Layton from Oregon and Steed. He's from Canada, but we still love him. Then there's Elder Thomas from West Jordan and his companion from Boise Elder Watts. They're both way cool! Elder Thomas is probably my best friend in the M.T.C. THen there's Elder Shaw and Elder Sperry. Shaw is from Riverton and he's in the Air Force! Hib dogg do you know him? Elder Sperry is 18 and he's from Salt Lake! He's probably the funniest person ever. Elder Shaw is way cool too. He's really good at Spanish. THen there's Elder Harding from Pocatello and Elder Frost from American Fork. They're both muy chillero, which is slang for cool in Guatemala. Elder Harding is 18 and he's going to play baseball at UVU in two years. Someone tell my boy Khale about him... Elder Frost is Jace Beckstrom. He's legit twins with him in personallity, looks, and his laugh. No lie. We call Elder Harding Elder Williams sometimes cause, he looks like Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. Our district is great. If we're not learning, we're laughing. Funniest district by far. Anyways my week

Wednesday- I got dropped off and went to get my bag full of Spanish texts. Predicad me Evangelio, el libro de mormon, santa biblia, and other books. Then we went to a fireside with the new missionaries! We sang three prelude songs. Called to serve and to bring the world his truth were both so spiritual. In to bring the World his truth instead of singing we will be the Lords missionaries we sang and we are now the Lord's missionaries to bring the world his truth. That's when it hit me, I represent Jesus Christ everyday. I love being a missionary! I wear my magnetic name tag to bed... I never want to take it off! We went to class and the teachers spoke only Spanish. I was so lost. But I could still feel the spirit. That's how powerful it is here.
Thursday-we had class, pretty much all day everyday. Then a tour. There is a tree here that smells exactly like cream soda, no lie. No one knows why either, but it's wonderful.
Friday- We studied all day like usual. I found by accident one of my new favorite scriptures. Timothy 2 2:1-5. Read it! Now! It's so perfect. Friday we taught our first investigator in Spanish.... It was nuts. I could barely understand him let alone speak with him. We also learned how to bear our testimonies in spanish.
Saturday- We taught our investigator again. This time I could speak more. I bore my testimony to him in spanish and then we asked him to read the book of mormon. And he took it! We meet with him again Tonight at 7. I now pray in spanish and bear my testimony in spanish. The gift of tongues is real! It's insane how much you pick up on the language so quick. Spanish is so sick! I love it!
Sunday- Sunday in the M.T.C. < Sunday anywhere else. We have breakfast, then priesthood meeting, then study time, then sunday school, then lunch. Then we have Sacrament meeting. Then Temple Walk. It's insane! Then we went to a fireside. W. Tracy something spoke about the Book Of Mormon and how it literally taught him to read and changed his life! It was so powerful., We sang we are all enlisted to start it off.... Wow. The spirit of 2,000 missionaries singing all at once is insanely spiritual. We then watched Elder Bednar's M.T.C. Christmas devotional from awhile back. It's called The Character of Christ. The greatest quote ever was in this talk. He talked about how he meets with new members all over the world and asks what getting taught by the missionaries was like, they all said without fail it was bizzare. They said they had young kids that couldn't speak they're language teaching them. He then asks why they invited them back and they always said, "because the feelings we have whenever they are here." Missionaries carry the spirit of Christ. his quote was, "who you are is far more important than anything you will ever say." Today is P-Day. We got swole. THen went to the Temple. It's wonderful at the Provo Temple! Tomorrow we have a devotional with an Apostle! Hopefully, could be a seventy, but we'll see. Neil A. Andersen came two week ago.

Write me and send me packages!!!! They're gold in the MTC! If you send one through DearElder.com they'll print it out and give it to me that day! But I can only write on Monday's! Love you guys! Remember that the Church is true and nothing will ever change that! The word will go forth boldy and nobably until it has sounded in every ear! I love you all! I'll e mail my testimony in spanish next week! I'm out of e mail time! Love you all! Preach the gospel everyday! And when necessary, use words. Eternity is longer than two years! Love you! See you in two!

Love, Elder Nicholas David White