Monday, May 27, 2013

My wife gets prettier every day

Whats up family?! And friends.... How is everyone doing? I missed hearing from a few of you this week... JD and Russ... Jack wagons. This week the rainy season started. So it just poured rain like everyday. At this rate my wife is getting prettier every single day.
This last week was ridiculously fast. I feel like just yesterday I was writing.
Monday we had a normal p-day and we played some soccer in the court of the Church, but only with two members and us two. It was way fun playing two on two. Even though Elder Jerson and I lost.
On Tuesday we had a meeting in the morning with all of the Zone and it was pretty good. After we went back to finish studying and we realized the house was still dirty and we had checks on Wednesday... so we cleaned it! I found a sweet team USA basketball jersey in the rubbage of our house. In the night time we went on divisions with members and went to teach our investigator Edgar and his wife. His wife was skeptical about getting married because, her Mom doesn't want to her to get married in the Church. We explained how its not the marriage of the Church just that the Bishop is a lawyer and can do it legally. We also helped them understand the importance of marriage and how it is a requirement to enter into the Celestial Kingdom. She realized the importance and they are going to get married on the 8th. We also met back up at one of the members houses and they gave us dinner. It was way sweet! Not to mention a pay phone gave us free money.
Wednesday was pretty good. We went to a families house to teach them the Plan of Salvation and ask them the 5 questions of President Monson. It's a thing we do in our mission and we have to do it once a day. The family was a family that we reactivated a few months ago and they were really into the lesson. The spirit was so strong in the lesson that it was incredible. We asked them the first question and they told us that they knew someone with a new baby. So then set up a day to go meet her friend. It was a good day.
Thursday we had our house inspection. They said they were going to come at 10:30 then that turned into 11:30 then into 12:30 and at about 1:00 they got there to inspect the house. We killed it. Our house was spotless and we passed the inspection.
On Friday we had divies with the district leader and his comp came with me to my area. It was a pretty good day. We went to visit a family of recent converts that only the mom isn't a member and we read the Book of Mormon with them because, they hadn't read it yet that day. It was a really spiritual experience. We also asked their daughter who is 6 to say the closing prayer. She said she could so we told her we'd help her and she did it. It was awesome! I also gave her a CTR ring cause, she didn't have one yet. And she is in love with it.
Saturday we went contacting with the family that we taught on Wednesday. They introduced us to their friend. She was really interested and we set up another appointment with her for this week. For lunch we ate huge hot dogs. It was so good. They are the same as the ones from the street but a little bit cleaner cause, they were made in a house. It was the best lunch I've had for awhile. We also had two great lessons in the night. We taught a family and showed them the movie "Together Forever". They loved the fact that they can live together forever.
Sunday was good. It was a usual Sunday we went to Church and everything. The Bishop's wife was teaching the Sunday school class and she called me out. She always says people's names in the lessons. She was teaching and she was like, "maybe if hermana so and so or elder white wasn't paying attention they wouldn't learn today" and I was like wow hermana I'm paying attention. We also ate lunch with this awesome family from the States that live here. It was great! We then had a family night with a member family and their neighbor. He liked it a lot and it was a really spiritual lesson. We set up an appointment with him for this week. We then went with the same family as Friday to read again. The wife who is the only non member and has a Baptismal date was really enjoying it. We went around to say what our favorite parts were. She told us that her favorite part is that she now knows that it was true. It was awesome. It was a pretty good week and I hope everyone there had a great week too. Babycurls I heard you're turning your papers in... Congrats bro! I'm so excited to see where you are going.
The Church is true.
With much love from Guatemala.... Elder Nicholas David White

Elder White cleaning his house
He had to throw away his "coleccion de la ganjas"
He found some other "treasures" while cleaning...
Following in the footsteps of A-train Harris
The end result of cleaning...lots of garbage
Visiting with a family from the United States

Monday, May 20, 2013


What's up everyone back there in the States? How was the week? Our week was interesting and really fast. We'll skip the first two days cause, nothing really happened. Wednesday we started the day off really well by studying. While studying I got hungry so we called up McDonald's. Yeah you can do that in Guate. And they brought me food. It was awesome. We went to pick up our convert to go to teach a lesson to an investigator and his daughter was really sick. She was look pretty bad and he asked us to give her a blessing. So we gave her a blessing and we noticed that she looked a lot better immediately after. The best part of it was to see the faith that he had in our blessing. He said, I know she'll be better by the morning just because of the blessing that you are going to give her. And the next day she was much better. We then went to the appointment to teach the Sister that has a Baptism date. We asked her the questions for the interview. She answered them all and it was awesome to hear the answers and how she has had great experiences with the Gospel already in her life. She also might not be going on vacation anymore so we might get to Baptize her a little bit earlier.
On Thursday we taught our other investigator with a Baptismal date about the word of wisdom. He was really acceptive. At first we told him the blessing of the Word of Wisdom without explaining anything about what it contained. He asked me if I could tell him what he had to do and he'd do it. So we told him and he said it would hard to let go of coffee. EVERYONE in GUATE says that. They give coffee to babies that's how much they love it. But we gave him some bags of Morecaff. It's a decaff coffee that every member here drinks. They said they would gladly try it. He told us the next day that he had been trying and that they loved it.
Friday we had interviews with the President. It was pretty good. I learned a lot of good things that I am trying to use to make me a better missionary every day. You always feel great and energized after an interview with the President.
Saturday we went to help a family destroy a wall in their house so that they could build a new one. It was awesome. We also had another lesson with Hermano Edgar who we taught about the Word of Wisdom. It was a great lesson about the power of the Lord and how we can use his help in our trials.
Sunday was good. We went to Church and the family we went to pick up was sick! :( It was awful so we passed by another investigators house to pick them up. They were getting ready and they came to the meeting. It was pretty awesome. We also did divisions after Church with the Bishop and elders quorum president. We went to visit a few less active members and it was awesome. The week overall was good. It was a hard week, but it was testimony building. The Church is true. I love you all and hope that you have a good week.  With love from the dirty south.
Elder White
McDonald' delivers in Guatemala

Monday, May 13, 2013

Days of moms and such...

Hey everyone back there in the USA. Hows it going? This last week was a winner. It was a little bit boring, but it was good.
On Monday we had p-day like normal and then the whole zone was changed. It's kind of weird. There are only a few of the same people here and it's just not the same. We also played soccer like every Monday in the afternoon. We also had a lesson with my convert Lusmar and his family. It had been awhile since we had visited them so that was pretty good.
Tuesday was a day filled with lots of contacting. We can just say that we walked a lot. Now I don't know if you all remember the story about the girl that stopped in the middle of the street back in March and started yelling at me in English, but long story short she never came to Church and we never saw her again. Until Tuesday that is. We were walking down the street and out of nowhere I just had a strong urge to knock on a door. Having been here in this area for 6 months I have knocked every door before. Most of them 5 or 6 times. But no one had every answered this door. I stopped walking and turned around. I went back to the house and rang the doorbell. And guess who opened the door? The girl that yelled at me in March. Her name is Maria. We put a day to visit her and yesterday she came to Church with us. She told us that that day she had gone to the Catholic Church to find the Priest twice and he wasn't there either time. So she had prayed that the Church would come find her. No more than about half an hour later we passed by and knocked on the door.
Wednesday was pretty sweet. An older couple in the ward invited us for a snack in the afternoon and we went to eat cake with them. It was awesome. Then we had a lesson with our recent converts wife that isn't a member....YET. She was telling us about how her family told her that she couldn't get Baptized because she had already been Baptized. She asked us where in the Bible it said you could get Baptized twice. So my companion opened up his Reina Valera to Acts and showed her exactly where it says that. She was absolutely puzzled.
Thursday we went in divisions with two members. I went to visit an investigator. He was talking to us about how he's been praying and he said, "Elder White I'd like to get Baptized". There is nothing more exciting you could ever hear as a missionary. That's like walking up to someone in the street and asking if they want a million dollars exciting. So we put a date with him for the 8th of June. 4 days before changes.....
Friday was good. It was Mothers Day in Guate. We played basketball at 6:30 to exercise. It was great. I also got my package with my contacts. I've never been happier for a package. I'd missed contacts so much. We went to teach the Sister that had the questions about Baptism two times. When we got there she was reading the Book of Mormon with a note pad and taking notes. After 4 months we got her to read the Book of Mormon. And she takes notes. It was great. We then showed her a video about Wilford Woodruff and how he got Baptized three times. When it ended she just said, "you`re right Elder. I'll get Baptized."  So we put a date with her for the 8th also. It was incredible. I cant wait for that day and help complete the Family.
Saturday was contacting. And then we went to help set up a dinner for the Mothers in the Ward. A lot of investigators came and it was awesome. We finally had an activity after 5 months of nothing.
Sunday was a normal Sunday. Church and all the good things like that. Then we called home for Mothers Day. It was awesome to talk to the Family again after 5 months of not chatting with them. I also completed eight months in the Mission. It's crazy to think that it was 8 months ago that I left on this journey, but its been fast.

I hope everything is going well for everybody out there. Two weeks ago I forgot to give a shout out to my Boy Noah Malula for his birthday. Noah... write a brother once in awhile. Also Happy Birthday to my wonderful Grandmother on Sunday! I love you and I'm so grateful for the example you have always set for me. Love you all. Have a great week. From the dirty south of Guate city.....
Love, Elder White
Sometimes a member doesn't want to walk.
Just take his scooter to Citas.
Elder White & Jorge at the ward activity
Yes ladies...he is single!
Happy Mother's Day
Getting a Shoe Shine from Elder Wootton at lunch

 Skyping on Mother's Day

Talking to Mom & JD

Lilly showing off for her Uncle Nic

8 months!

Talking to Russell & Brooke


 A message from Elder White

Monday, May 6, 2013

Estoy pensando en algo

Hey guys whats going on? How have you all been? This week was good. It was way slow, but it was good.
Monday - We cut P day a little short and went to help a little girl with her English homework. She was reading it out loud and she was like, "you are my best friend" and I just told her "gracias" and then Elder Wootton and I died laughing. She's the cutest little girl ever. We also said goodbye to Elder Ramirez because, he had changes last week. I got a new comp and my "kid" went to the MTC. My new companion is Elder Fonseca and he's from Honduras and he has 20 meses (he's been on his mission for 20 months). So that's good. It's my last change in Montserrat so I've been trying to find the reason that I'm still here. I love the area, but it is weird to be here so long.
Tuesday is when I got my new companion and I got to see my "Dad" (Elder Mejia) again. So that was sweet. I have a picture of us and my kid. All three generations. We also got invited to a dinner to eat pupusas and it was fantastic. I loved them with all my heart.
On Wednesday we had a great lesson with Hermano Edgar. He is going to get married to his wife at the end of this month. This week we are going to try to put a Baptismal date with him. I hope that we can help him to take this step and that his family will follow his example. Thursday we went to visit an inactive member. He asked us how he could get a Book of Mormon because, he'd never read it. I gladly gave him one and also wondered what the missionaries that Baptized him did if they never even gave him a Book Of Mormon and also why he's inactive. But we were able to have a great lesson with him.
Friday night we had a Noche De Hogar with our comedor and with a lady that she works with. It was a great lesson about the Book of Mormon and I told her I'm passing by their work everyday to see if she has read.
On Saturday we taught the neighbors of our comedor for the first time. They were really receptive and awesome. Were going to teach them again this week, and hopefully it will be just as good.
Sunday we confirmed the guy that we Baptized last week. He chose me to confirm him and it scared me a little bit. So I confirmed him in front of the whole ward and it was a great experience. It was a pretty good week and I hope this one will be better. Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there and the future moms :)

Love Elder White

Elder White & Elder Steed
Celebrating 8 months in the mission field

 Three Generations