Monday, May 19, 2014

First week of the change :( Like they say. first week worst week

This week was pretty decent. On Monday it was p-day and I completed some {20} months here in the mission. So that was cool. We also had a family night with the family of the First Counseler of the Bishopric and his family and with some other families. It was pretty good. 
Tuesday Nothing
Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with Maria and Elsie. Maria is the one that we found last Saturday and Elsie is her 17 year old daughter. We taught them about the Book of Mormon. It was an awesome lesson cause, we taught it in the house of a family that got baptized about 8 months ago. The spirit was really strong and I felt as if it was a good lesson. 
Thursday we did divisions with Carolingia! I stayed in my area with Elder Clyde. We taught some solid lessons. We taught the Caal Family in the house of the Diaz Family. It was a good lessons we talked about 1 Nephi 3 and how Nephi was always obedient to the commandments of God. We then invited Hermana Flory to Church! We have been inviting her and trying to help her for weeks. Hermana Emelia bore her testimony about how going to Church has helped her out in her life. I think it was her testimony that helped out the most. It was an awesome lesson. 
Friday we did divisions again so that they could do the interview of Amy. I went to the Zone Leaders area with Elder Lopez. We had a pretty good day. We left with a member who was baptized by a missionary named Nic White about 30 years ago. Weird right?! I was baffled! We also left with a member who was the kid of my former classmate Peter West on his mission in Mexico. Cool right? What a small world. 
Saturday we ended divisions and went back to the Church to fill up the baptismal font. The hose we usually use to make it fill up faster was locked in a room that we didn't have a key to. We filled up buckets and carried them to try to fill it up faster. One spilled all over my leg so that wasn't cool. The baptism was awesome. 
Sunday we passed by and everyone said they couldn't go. We got there and Flory was there!!! It was awesome. I`m so grateful that Emelia's testimony helped her out and she could come to Church for the first time. During sacrament I was praying and I prayed that someone would give us a good reference that could get baptised soon. At the end of the meeting a man that isn't from our ward, but was visiting came up and introduced us to his niece. She lives right by the Church and has been reading the Book of Mormon and doing her personal progress.  We have an appointment this week so hopefully it goes well. We also taught the Caal Family about the Word of Wisdom and they accepted it. The Church is true! I love you guys! 

Elder Nicholas David White, the second apparently

Like they say, an unwritten goal is just a dream - 
this just became a goal

Que baggy

Monday, May 12, 2014

"And still I see no changes". Tupac Shakur \ Elder White

Hey Guys what's up... I just talked to you yesterday so I'm sure nothing has changed.We don't have changes and I now am certain that I will be here for my last three changes and end my mission here.  
This last week was decent. On Monday we just had P-day and went to eat at Wendy's. Is that sad that that was our district P-day activity. I think not.  
On Tuesday we left with a member that had not left with the missionaries for awhile, but he's getting back into things and is super excited about the work. Well I mean. Alright he's leaving with us every once in awhile so... yeah. We also found a new part family! So that is good. We taught our fecha Amy and found out that her baptismal date would have to be changed until this Saturday because, her family couldn't go. 
Wednesday we taught two straight lessons in the house of the Diaz Family. So what we did was start one at 7 and it ended at about 7:45 or something like that. The family then left and the other one showed up at 8 so that was awesome. We taught the families about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. They were both good lessons. 
Thursday we had a few lessons and I was in one of the worst lessons of my whole mission. But it was a decent day. 
Friday we did divisions and I stayed in Economica with Elder Buchanan. The day was decent. Everything kind of fell through. 
Saturday we left with our boy Julio who we recently reactivated and we found an awesome new lady named Maria. She went to Church with us on Sunday! So that was good!
Sunday we worked in the afternoon and then skyped. It was pretty great to chat with the Family for the last time! I love you guys! 

Elder White 

Buena Pregunta

Mom's Day

Slow Week

What's up guys... I'll apologize in advance. The keyboard I'm using doesn't allow for commas or apostrophes so this email will be awful. 
This week was, well if I had to choose one word to describe it it would be slow. We had a rough time. I'll just give you the highlights. We started teaching a family from the states. Well, the wife is from there and he is from here, but they are cool. We also put a baptismal date for this Saturday. The baptism we were supposed to have least week fell through and we haven't even been able to teach him this week. We had a nice lesson with the Santos Family in the house of the Diaz Family, possibly the best converts of my mish. 
Hermana Diaz got a calling to be a primary teacher!!! That was super cool. We started teaching that part family we found last week and the sister is not ready to keep commitments, but her husband is going super active on us. He left with us and went to Church and everything this week. I also found out that he knows the sickest family ever from Monjas. He served in his mission with one of them. So that's cool. 
Our investigator shared her testimony on fast Sunday yesterday. I met a kid named Dempsey after the American soccer player. And our investigator went with us to teach our converts cause, their dad wasn't home and he was the only man we could find so that we could go into the house! haha, but then someone lied to him about the Church so he dropped us... But hey. We did divisions and I helped out some dates in Carolingia. So the week was swell. I love you guys! 

Love, Elder White