Monday, November 25, 2013


What's up. This week was a quick one. And it was pretty decent. 
Monday we did nothing of importance. 
Tuesday we did divisiones and I went with a missionary from my comops group. We had a branch activity and it was pretty good. Only one investigator came, but that's alright. He liked it. Wednesday nothing
Thursday we didn't have too much
Friday There wasn´t water so we couldn't shower til after we had studied. It threw off my day. We also watched the Joseph Smith movie with these two brothers we are teaching in the Church. We invited them to be Baptized and they!!!... didn't accept the date. I couldn't believe it. I've never been in a lesson more spiritual. 
Saturday was stake conference part one so we came to Jalapa. It was good. We slept at the Zone Leaders so we did divisiones with them. We found a part family and the sister is pregnant. 
Sunday morning she had her baby. We taught them the plan of salvation. She hasn't gone to Church in a few years, but her brother is leaving on his mission this week. 
Sunday we finished stake conference. It was a broadcast form Utah. Elder Scott spoke in Spanish. One investigator came. We don't have changes. The Church is true. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen! 

Love, Elder White

La Gran Semana Misionera

This week was mission week in Monjas. There were like two hundred catholic missionaries in town.  
Last Monday we went to the volcano. It was pretty awesome. I'm going to try to send some pictures if the computer works. On the way to the volcano some drunk lady sat by us in the bus and we couldn't wake her up to pay so they finally just took her out and left her in the middle of some town. The crazy stuff that happens in guate. 
Tuesday I completed 14 months and it was just a normal day. 
Wednesday we woke up at 6 to a bunch of noise. So we looked out the window and we saw a bunch of catholics marching behind a nun with flags and praying to her. That's weird right? Or no? We also met the baby of our investigators and we taught them about the plan of salvation. Unfortunately their dates fell through and they didn't come to Church. 
Thursday there hadn't been water in this huge section of Monjas for about three days. So we are walking down the street and everyone is outside in as little clothing as possible with as many buckets as possible waiting for this huge truck of water to pass.  It was a straight up [out of a] movie scene. We also had a branch activity and we got some investigators and inactives there so that was solid. 
Friday we did divisiones with the zone leaders and I stayed with Elder Huayta in my area. We saw the same group of like 100 catholics kneeled down in the street praying to a picture. THE WEEK WAS WEIRD: we also taught two teenagers about the Prophet Thomas S. Monson. They are both solid. 
Saturday nothing good happened. 
Sunday we had some good lessons with two families that we are teaching.  I felt the spirit so strongly in both of the lessons.  It was awesome. The Church is true. I love being a missionary even when it's not working out. 

Love you. 

Love, Elder White

A lot of walking = HUGE BLISTERS!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today we are going to a volcano, so I am writing way early. How was the week you might ask? It was alright.  It was so fast I can't believe it already happened. 
Monday was good...We did nothing fun, but then at night we taught two great lessons. We taught the best lesson I have ever been in as a missionary. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of Baptism. We put two Baptismal dates. But the woman is having her baby right now! That's crazy huh? But it was the greatest lesson I have ever taught. We then taught another family about the Book of Mormon it was a crazy spiritual lesson too. Monday was a great day. 
Tuesday we had zone meeting. ALL DAY SITTING DOWN!!! We were here in Jalapa and out of nowhere a guy yells at me, "are you from salt lake?" I turn around to see a man that is whiter than I am with blond hair. He then explains that he is visiting his wife who lives here. He is from Boston and he is Lorenzo Snow's great grand son!!! He was not raised Mormon however. He ask if I could sell him a Book of Mormon.  I told him no, but that I could give him one. The good thing is he knows Spanish or we would of been out of luck with the Book. So I gave him one and told him to look for the missionaries in Boston. I then said, red sox suck and left it at that. Just kidding I didn't say that. We then taught some lessons and contacted. 
Wednesday we did some service digging holes and building a house so that was fun. We also had a great lesson with our family that has the date. 
Thursday NOTHING. 
Friday we found a family that the two daughters are members, but no one else is.  A family of 7. We are starting to visit them this week. They are really great. We also talked to like 6 dudes in a row that lived in the states. Weird right? 
Saturday we taught another spiritually lesson.  It ended with the sister telling us that she has a true desire to know if Joseph Smith was a Prophet so that's good. We also found a new family. Of 10.  It was a scary lesson a bit. But it was nice. 
Sunday only two came to Church.  It is frustrating working as hard as possible and that people don't do their part to progress. It was a good day though and we had a good lesson with the Perez family. 

Love you all

Love, Elder White

Classic photo
14 months 
Elder Steed & Elder White



¿que onda mucha?

What's up? This week was solid. And fast. Monday we did nothing. Once again p-days outside the cap are LAME! I miss the city people. 
Tuesday we did divisions with the other district leader cause in my district there are only sisters. Sister Stay gave me permission to do divisions with the other district leaders. S I went to AsunciĆ³n Mita. It's a little different. It's like St. George, but not as pretty. I was with Elder Lopez, he was in the MTC with me so it was cool. 
Wednesday we had nothing just some contacting and lessons. 
Thursday we went to visit a guy we contacted. So we get there and he starts going off about his love for the USA. He said, "without the states we are nothing" he then asked us if we believed in the ten commandments. So we taught him and asked him if he had a question or a comment his comment was... "If I had to die for one country in the world, it would be the United States of America". He's nuts. But he's a good guy. I like him at least. We also had a noche de hermanamiento in the house of a less active sister. A family of investigators showed up and they loved it! So that was successful. 
Friday we did divisions with the ZL´S and I stayed in my area with Elder Buckley. We taught the Lima family the restoration and it was great. We also taught the Najara family the Sabbath day and they came to Church yesterday! Two down one to go until they can get baptized! 
Saturday was lame. 
Sunday we witnessed apostasy - a 15 year old teacher blessed the Sacrament and no one thought about it until after. We also had a great lesson with the Perez Family. They are doing great. We just need to get them to Church. This week wasn't too eventful. But I love you all. 
The Church is true. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White  

P.S. did everyone forget about me or what? Write a bro.

Happy Halloween!!!