Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 2 in Las Lomas

This last week was my second in my area. 
Monday we got to go the Mercado Central because, my companion is going home this week so he got to go buy stuff. It was a pretty fun time. But on the way home we got lost in the middle of the city. 
Tuesday we had a meeting for district leaders and had to go to Zona 9 for it. On the bus ride back we were waiting at a stop light by the US Embassy and there was a lady outside with her two daughters and they started waving at me and one of them made a heart with their hands. I don't know if they were members or if they were just excited to see another American or what. But it was funny. We also made balliadas or however it's spelled. It's a food from Honduras. A family invited us to make them because, my comp knows how. They were way good! 
Wednesday and Thursday we went to my comps old area to say goodbye to them. They were long days. 
Friday we did divisions with the Zone Leaders and it was great! We worked really really hard.  We had a lesson with a family of investigators and it was night. So in their house, they don't have lights. The whole house was lit by candles and it was a sweet spiritual lesson. We put baptismal dates with three of them and we hope to put one with the fourth member this week. They all read and pray and everything, they just won't go to Church!!!! I don't understand it! But we have to help them out! 
Saturday I had a comp. study with our ZL Elder Resindez before we ended divisions. The funny thing is that he was my ZL in Montserrat for 6 months and now he's my ZL here. We planned a lesson for the family we put dates with. That night we went to visit the Elders Quorum President. He is having work troubles and he's about to take a job that would make him work on Sundays. He wouldn't be able to come to Church! The scriptures we found in our study for the other family were just what he needed. It was incredible. I loved it. 
Sunday one of the older missionaries in our branch was talking to this guy in the Church and the guy was explaining why part of a window was missing and he just looks at him and says, "I did not understand a word you just said to me". It was hilarious. I also taught Sunday school to the youth for the first time. It went pretty well. We went to the world wide missionary meeting, but we got there late! The bus that goes from our area to the chapel we had to go to doesn't run on Sundays! We had a make a new route and walk forever to get there, but it was an incredible meeting. I also saw my MTC teacher at the meeting! He lives in the area next to ours and told me he'll come teach our investigators with us every Saturday and Sunday if I want! I'm way excited to work with him! Well the Church is true and nothing will ever change that. Always remember that. Love you all. 

Love, Elder White

Elder White at the Guatemala City Temple

Yummy Food!

Elder White & Elder Aguilar
(Elder White thinks his comp looks like Harrison Cutler)

Las Lomas

Forget Strollers!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Me quedo en La Sur (I'm staying in the South)

What's up Family?! How was your week? Mine was pretty good! 
Monday we went around saying goodbye to everyone in my area in Montserrat. It was hard. I though about the quote from the Prophet that says, "The people that you help find the Gospel will be the ones you will love the most". It is true. It was harder leaving Nueva Montserrat than it was leaving Utah. At every house I cried. The members cried. My converts cried. It was really hard. 
Tuesday was chill. I woke up with a horrible feeling and we went to changes. I am still in the South Mission. My companion is Elder Aguilar. He is going home in a week so I have no idea what will happen to me. My area is called Las Lomas and it's the first place outside of the CCM that I ever went to in Guatemala. So I'd already been there! It's pretty cool. It's a branch of 40 people and everyone is inactive. Its a pretty awesome area. It's inside of the Capital, but it's like a village. You have to Google it. 
Wednesday I completed 9 months. It's crazy to think that, but it happened. In the morning we went to help a Hermana in our branch take water from a house to her house because, her house doesn't have water. It was way fun! The President also let a lady sleep over in the Church so that she wouldn't sleep in the street. 
Thursday we had to go get a Hermana to come talk to the lady that the President let sleep in the Church because, she wouldn't leave until she came to talk to her. We also had a great lesson with an investigator named Sandra and her son. Her son was going to say the last prayer, but he was too scared. So I helped him by whispering in his ear. The little cutie.  We also helped the President search for people to see if they still lived in our area or not. And none of them did. 
Saturday We had a bunch of lessons and it was a good day. 
Sunday we went to Church early to set up the chairs and everything. I blessed the Sacrament for the first time in forever. It was pretty cool. My companion had to give a talk which means I'll have to give one this week. Haha. The mission nurse and her husband come to our Branch and it's great. He came up to me after Priesthood and was like, "Elder White when I fall asleep you have to wake me up. It's cause Spanish puts me to sleep."  It was hilarious. We then had to go to a meeting in the Stake Center in a van with all of the youth. It was really funny and I loved it. In the night we had citas and we tried to help an investigator set their baptism date, but her Mom is against it. It will be tough, but we have got to help her do it. I'll send good pics of my area next week. 

Love you all. The Church is true. 

Love, Elder White

Smile, Jesus loves you

Monday, June 10, 2013

Bowling & Baptisms

What's up everyone? It was a pretty solid week. There was a little bit of everything.
First off was Monday. Monday was sweet. We were all waiting for the people to be done using the Internet and then my boy from Sandy, Elder Tuckfield and I were hungry so then we went to the city and ate some hot dogs. Then we all went as a district to go bowling.
Tuesday nothing really happened.
Wednesday not too much passed. The only thing that really happened was that our investigator said that, "When I get to Heaven I´ll tell my Heavenly Father thanks for sending his son Nicholas White to my door."
On Thursday I went to do divisions in the area of our district leader and it was a pretty sweet day.
Friday we went to the pharmacy and I got my ear cleaned out because the q tips I was using broke in my ears apparently and I needed to get them all cleaned out. It was gross. We also visited all of the baptismal dates that we had.
Saturday was a sweet day. We had a wedding in the Church. Our investigators got married so that he could get Baptized! It was awesome! We got to sign in their paper as witnesses and all that good stuff. We then had our baptismal service. I got to baptize Edgar and my comp baptized Glenda. It was awesome. We sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" with the two little girls of the women we baptized.
Sunday was awesome. We got to Church and everything was all normal. Then I confirmed the guy that we baptized (Edgar) and the woman (Glenda) wasn't there yet. During the hymn she walked in and we confirmed her after the hymn. Afterwords we blessed their babies. I blessed the littlest one and my companion blessed the other one. It was a great week and I love you all.
Love, Elder White

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Que hondas

Whats up fam? It's a good week. I have too much to write and I don't have much time! What?!
Monday we saw a b-ball team from Mississippi in the mall. What where they doing in Guate? Who knows? We then played soccer in the rain
Tuesday we went to paint for service with the other Elders. We painted this house and it was awesome. We also taught our investigator and I made him promise not to drink coffee anymore so he could get Baptized this week. He drank it again... but don't worry. Wait till Sunday message.
Wednesday a sweet family invited us to eat and gave us ridiculous amounts of food and v8 splash and everything it was incredible.
Thursday we had a sports night in the church and some investigators went. I beat the Bishop in ping pong. We've played a few p days and we have a rivalry going. But I always win.
Friday a member gave me pizza cause he owed me from when I got to the church early one day to open it and play soccer with him for morning exercise. I got there before him so he had to buy me pizza. Who thinks they can get to the church before a missionary? We wake up at 6:30. Crazy guy. But then we had a great lesson with the hermana that's getting Baptized this week. Her daughter thought that her husband was going on a mission cause, we brought him some new Church clothes. She was crying. Haha.
Saturday we taught a lesson in a street paca. You have to google a picture of a paca and you'll think its sweet. But we taught the plan of salvation and it was awesome. The lady said she'll pray this week to know if its true. We always went with a convert to teach two lessons. We taught both our baptismal dates and they loved it. It was a good day. Sunday we taught. It was stake conference. It was awesome. We didn't have lunch so I ate peanut butter out of a jar. But the worst part is that I was done with it and I only had a spoon left to eat. So we starved all day. We were going to conference and I prayed for a ride so we wouldn't have to get a bus and break the Sabbath day and as we walked up to the bus a member pulled up and took us. It was awesome. We went with Edgar and gave him a blessing so that he could resist coffee. He told us that he received his answer in the conference and that he knows the church is true. It was a great week.
The church is true!
Love you all,
Elder White

Yummy ice cream