Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hey family how is it going. If this keyboard let me I would send a question mark. This week was pretty fast and not too exciting. I feel as if we have invited half of Monjas to get baptized this week. In literally every lesson we popped the question.  So in the mission when I entered we had to do 10 contacts a day for each missionary. So twenty a day in companionship. 140 in a week. About 7 months ago we only had to contact five men and five families everyday. Now we have to do 35 everyday. 245 every week. And it is hard. We did it this week, but it is definitely challenging to do them all and have all the lessons and everything. 
Monday was p-day and we didn't do much. Outside the capital there is literally nothing to do. So we just ate. And I saw a guy wearing a junior jazz jersey. 
Tuesday we had to go to Jutiapa for a capacatation meeting for district leaders and it was pretty good. I learned a lot of good stuff there. We have been putting in all to practice this week. 
Wednesday was a day filled with fallen appointments and lots of contacts. Not the greatest of days. 
Thursday we put a few baptismal dates. So that was good. We also went to a little village that is part of our area. It's called Las Palmas and it's about a 15 minute tuk tuk ride from Monjas. There are members there, but we couldn't find any of them home. So that was a bust. Also it got dark and we couldn't get a tuk back to Monjas. so we walked. 
Saturday we taught a great family. They don't know how to read so it is harder to teach them. But they are cool. We put some dates with them so we will see what happens in the future. Also one of the two baptismal dates we put on Thursday is never home anymore so I'm pretty sure it fell... 
Sunday was Sunday. We went to Church and the Branch President couldn't come due to a death in the family. So the Sacrament wasn't ready or anything. We prepared it and started about 20 minutes early. A woman that we had contacted came in right before we passed the sacrament and it was great. She stayed all three hours and we are visiting her tomorrow. So we hope to work with her. 
Well the Church is true. I heard about the BYU/Utah game.... that's solid. Everyone knows I'm a Buckeye fan.

 I love you all. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White

Riding in the Tuk Tuk

This reptile was loose in Elder White's apartment

Monday, September 16, 2013

Hitting walls and stuff

Hey everyone! This week as pretty good. On Monday we did nothing. Turns out that p-day outside of the capital is awful. It's just sitting in a bus all day. 
Tuesday we had Zone Conference so that was pretty good. We learned about the new standards of the mission and rules and everything. We also did divisions with the Zone Leaders. I stayed in their area and we did an activity with the elders from this part of the zone. We set up tables and stuff in the park and contacted a bunch of people. It was sweet. I then did my first interview as District Leader. It was sweet. It was a little 9 year old girl and she was the cutest. 
Wednesday a convert took us to teach her friends. So we went there and taught them a lesson. We then realized we were in the area of the sisters so we gave them the reference. Lame right? It also poured rain all day. 
Thursday I completed one year in the mission. It's crazy how fast that happens. It was a solid day of hard work. We helped  a family move, contacted a lot. And taught some lessons. I also burned my shirt and my comp burned a sock for his 3 months. Haha! 
Friday we did divisions with the other Elders in our district and not much happened. 
Saturday  I got onto the bus to end divisions and 50 cent in the club is bumping. So I look up and there is a huge TV playing music videos. Outside the capital is weird... We also had some interesting lessons that I will tell you about after the mission...  We also saw a dog get hit by a motorcycle and our investigator went to the branch activity. 
Sunday was a weird day. No one went to church cause it was Independence Day. Literally we had an attendance of 26. We also worked hard. It was a long, long long day. I love you all and I am grateful for the time I have had so far and the time I still have. 

Love you! 

Love, Elder White

With Elder Steed

Remembering 9/11

Elder White burning his shirt to celebrate 1 year in the mission field

Celebrating Guatemala's Independence Day

Monjares Jalapa at its finest

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

District Leader and New Area

Hey fam!!! How are you doing? This week was pretty crazy! On Monday we had a huge hole in the ground in our house.. so that was weird. I also had to say good bye to everyone in Las Lomas. It was pretty hard saying goodbye although I was only there for 3 months.
Tuesday we woke up and went to changes meeting. I am now in Monjas, Jalapa! It's way far away from the capital. I'm also finishing my comps training. My new comp is Elder Walton from Alpine, Utah. Cool right? That never happens in our mission. So I was surprised as ever. I am also the new district leader out here. And something funny is that Elder Montenegro, who was my DL when I started the mission, is now my ZL and I'm his DL. What? The area is now full of Americans. Literally. Us two and the sisters - one is from Utah and the other from Arizona! Crazy huh? They all have very little time in the mission too. Like  my comp has one change and one of the sisters has a good week, and her trainer 5 months... It's nuts. But don't worry about it. I only speak English in the house cause I'm scared of not practicing Spanish at all times.
Wednesday nothing really happened. We just met some members and helped the sisters move into their new house.
Thursday we taught some lessons. I met the 2 investigators that they left me. Yes this is the third time I've arrived to an area with nothing. It was a good day.
On Friday we were contacting trying to get some investigators. I saw a family standing in the doorway of a house and walked up to their mom and said, we are representatives of Jesus Christ and God has sent us to your house to teach you the restored Gospel. We taught them the plan of salvation and she accepted our invitation to go to Church. We also went to show the sisters some members in their area and we went in tuc tuc. I'll send a picture at some point. It's like a little go kart thing they drive around in. Anyways. it started raining like crazy and it was not good.
Saturday we went to teach the women we found Friday, her name is Alma. So she was not home, but her brother Rodrigo was. We went back in the night and taught them both about the Sabbath day. They agreed to come to Church.
Sunday we went to Church and it was weird. We first went to bring a bunch of investigators and members that are converts or less actives. We then went to Church in a house. Weird's right. Turns out I didn't get sent too far away form a branch..... I blessed the \Sacrament for the 15th week straight. Yes I do have it memorized now. In the night the second counselor invited us over and made us fries on a fire. It was solid. Alma and Rodrigo went to Church!!! Rodrigo stayed the whole time and he loved it. We are working with them! We hope to put some Baptismal dates this week! 
Well the Church is true and I am gratefully for this year I have had to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I look forward to my last year. Happy birthday tomorrow to my beautiful angel Lilly! I feel like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms. Thursday I complete a year. What? 

Love you all. 

With love from Jalapa.... Elder Nicholas David White 

This Sister Missionary is from Orem

Yummy Fries

Monjas, Jalapa



Elder White's best shoes

Riding in the tuc tuc

Friends from Montserrat

Ward Mission Leader from Montserrat

Friday, September 6, 2013

Jello Sacrament

What's up? I don't have too much time today, but I'll try to make it good. Yes that means you will have to correct my grammar a lot I feel. This week was fast as ever and it was pretty good.
Monday we got invited by a member of another area to go bowling. So he payed and everything. It was really fun.
Tuesday we had divisions and I went with Elder Hughes to his area. He is in his first change. He locked his keys in the house. I was like, you should of got a less safe house so we could get in. We had to go to the other house and stay with the zone leader and the assistant cause, they were in divisions too. haha. 
Wednesday we were ending divise in the Temple. I was walking and heard my name! We saw  another zone and lots of my friends are in it so that was awesome to see them again! I saw my boy Elder Wootton who was with me in Montserrat for 6 months. It was a good day. 
Thursday we carried water and taught a lesson in the sister area to an investigator they are having problems with. We also had dinner with the new family from the states! It was cool. 
Friday we went to visit a man who lives in the mountain of our valley in the area. The thing is we never found his house. But it was an adventure. 
Saturday we did service in the morning and worked the rest of the day. 
Sunday there weren't sacrament cups.... so the branch president's son ran to the store to buy little jello shot things to use. Hahaha. It was quit an adventure. It was testimony meeting and it was awesome to bear my testimony there. I also found out that I have changes. So I will let you know where I am next week.
Love you!
Love, Elder White

Elder White & Elder Wootton

Jello Sacrament

Learn how to spell

There is only one way...