Saturday, October 27, 2012

This Week in Guatemala...

Whats up?! I'm out of contact solution so that's awful. And contacts. And my card doesn't work in the ATM's here so I need someone to call my bank! But this e-mail is rushed so sorry if it's bad.
This week has been pretty fun and great. But also kind of sad. I forgot in my last e-mail that last Tuesday we had Elder Martino of the Seventy come speak to us. It was awesome. He told us some wonderful things. My quote of the week is from him and it goes like this, "The message that you share is true, Elders. Be bold with it. We do need to be bold with the words of our God, Brothers and Sisters. Not just missionaries but everyone! We know it's true,why not let everyone else know too?"
Anyways I'll get on with the week.

Sunday was way fun! Our last Sunday with the older "Nortes" and our Latinos! It was sad. It's weird how in your mission you start to miss Elders that leave for other places just as much as the people back home. Especially our Latinos I love them all. With todo mi corazon!!! I'll probably never see them again, but they are incredible and we'll be friends in Heaven again. Sunday Ward and I also received a sacred Guate.CCM calling I'll tell about it in a few months as it is not to be spoken of right now.
Monday was pretty dull. Tuesday we went on a city tour and to the market. It was awesome! I bought a few Christmas presents and something my teacher said I'll need for my mission. It's a beautiful machete. I'll send pics in like two weeks. I guess we carry them in the mountains in our missions in Guate.
Tuesday and Wednesday we also got new missionaries. 50 new Nortes! Including Elder Rheinholt and Elder Hunsaker. Fellow Alta Hawks. They are both great. We also heard the greatest talk ever. From Elder Holland it was last August in the MTC. I need a copy of it stat!
Evrey future missionary needs to read or watch it stat. It's awesome. It
brought me to tears. Which isn't too hard when the Gospel is involved.
Wednesday we got our DearElders!!! Thanks for the letters everyone! I'm writing you all back today.

Thursday nothing much happened. Thursday our District had an "ayuno de ingles" which is a fast of English. Only Elder Crompton and I went all day until 9 without speaking English. It
was the hardest, but most rewarding day of the week.

Friday we were planning to teach one of our two investigators. Then our teachers busted out two new ones on us including a one on one investigator without our companions. It was awesome. I can't wait to teach lessons all day in just two more weeks.
I love you all and don't ever forget that this Church is true. Today during e-mails I checked my spam and saw that I got e-mails form G-MA and G-PA and Courtney! Don't worry I'll write you back today! It will take two weeks but you'll get it!  Mom and Jeri your letters got here Thursday so that was fast! I loved them! Thanks so much! This week really has helped me to become such a better missionary I think. I love this work. I'd like to quote one of my
favorite Hymns. I never sang it antes (before) my mission, but I love it.

Shall the youth of Zion falter in defending truth and light? When the enemy
asaileth shall we shrink or shun the fight? No! 

Always stay strong! I forget who said it because my notebook is in my room, but in G.C.
in Holy places and Do NOT MOVE." I love you all. I know without a doubt, with all of my heart our Church is true. The people here are the descendants of the Lamanites and Nephites this is the land of the Book of Mormon. It's not doctrine, but I feel it. Congrats to my BFF on his mission call. I'm so stoked for you to hablar espanol conmigo!

Love. Elder White

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week Six

This week has been really crazy and fun! My address I gave you was wrong last week!!! It's

Boulevard Vista Hermosa 23-17 Zona 15
Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A. 01001

Please fix that and update it! But I left my journal in my room so bear with me I might forget some stuff. First off though I have questions! Has anyone got their call recently? Turned in their papers? Anything cool like that?! Also My Mom said people weren't sure if I got their DearElders right before I left Provo. I got ones from the Harris, Ryan Price (I wrote you a letter big guy) it is in Guate mail though so it will probably take like twelve days to get there. And I also got the one from Colby. I didn't get any DearElders this Thursday so I just almost didn't write anyone an e-mail today.... for reals though. Whats going on? Anyways, on with my week.
Last Saturday after e-mail we played soccer. It was Nortes vs. two teams of Latinos and we scored within the first five seconds to beat them both games. They were freaking out and we were just yelling "Nortes Para Siempre" which is like "North Americans Forever!" It was way funny. Then for CRE we went street contacting. My companion and I killed it. We helped this Sister fix her car and then we talked to everyone about the Church. We had tons of success too. Sunday was awesome at Church.  Our Church is through a wall in the back of the Temple and it's beautiful. For Church we have intercambios where we have a Latino
Companion. Mine was Elder Castro from Panama. He's awesome! He looks like Bruno Mars.

Then Monday we didn't do too much. Just had CRE and there was a temblor here! Which is when the earth just shakes. It's like an earthquake, but not as bad.
Then Tuesday we went proselyting with our new Latin companion. Mine is from Peru and I can't really understand him, but it was awesome. We went into the most humble place I've ever been is how I'll put it. It was great to serve and to proselyte.
Wednesday we went to the Temple. The Temple here is way pretty! And the distribution center.
Thursday we went on a field trip to Immagracion to get our Visas. It was pretty cool.
Friday we had just our two Norte districts for gym and we played district vs. district for Futbol. We killed them. As of yesterday I've still scored every day. I had 7 Yesterday. So I'm at 28. Reppin for the "Nortes". I've gotten so much better at soccer than I ever was in just two weeks.
This week we go on a city tour and to the market! I'm stoked. Anyways, I'm glad everything there is great! Too bad our Yanks lost. :( US beat Guate and everyone was all sad. But whats up World Cup? Two years. The food is good. It's rallying half my district, but I'm fine! Love you guys I pray for all of you always. Remember from Conference my quote of the week. I don't have my book so I don't know who said it, but in our quiet prayerful moments we can feel our Saviors arms around us. Love you! Pray for the United States and the decision we'll all make for our future. Did my ballot come? Also pray for my second great country of Guatemala! And for it's peoples hearts and ears to be opened to this wonderful Gospel.
Love you all.


Elder Nicholas David White
Para siempre dios este con vos

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Week 2 in Guatemala

Whats up everyone? Since Monday not that much has happened around here! I'm now 10 goals for 9 days in soccer so I'm still going strong. Spanish is coming along pretty well.
Of course until we start talking to all the Latinos then we can't understand them cause they speak so fast and the slang is different in every country they're from. Guatemalan Spanish is pretty basic sounding Spanish except they say some weird things. They always say verdad in the middle of sentences for no reason. Which means truth. So that's kind of weird. This week we started in our room every night like 15 of us see how many push ups we can do in a minute and how many sit ups. It gets pretty intense. There's a huge chart and everything. Also last night we got our schedule for next week. Tuesday we're going proselyting in Guatemala City!!! I'm so excited to actually teach real people! Hopefully I can understand them! I almost died of happiness today when I read that e mail from my Mom saying that two of my Best Friends just turned in their papers. That's what's up boys. I wrote you
a letter Family and B4L! It wont be there for like 2 weeks though, but its whatever! Glad to hear the Yankees won! Number 28 going strong. I need some Buckeyes updates though. Anyways we've just had class all week since Monday so next weeks e mail will be better I promise, but here's a scripture I like to read when I feel down sometimes to share with you: 3 Nephi 5:13 Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. Just remember that no matter what our Heavenly Father always loves you. Pray always. I promise I know with all my heart that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. ¡Para Siempre Dios este con vos!

Love, Elder Nicholas David White

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey everyone! I only have 30 minutes to email here instead of like an hour in Provo so this might be not so well written. And my p-day is Saturday not today. We could only write today cause of Conference.
It takes mail about 12 days to get from Guatemala City to The U.S. So probably e mail me! I would kill for a hand written letter though! But really people, e-mail me or dear elder or whatever. Its nuts going from getting like 8 dear elders a day to only getting to check the mail once a week! And Dear elders get shipped from Provo so, they take like a week anyways! But anyways, I need more pictures of friends and family! My two Latino roommates love them! They love pictures of Utah too!
Well anyways Guatemala City is so dope. Its like New York, but in a jungle. It's so beautiful. I'd send you pictures, but they took our cameras until the p-day before we leave the MTC! So they'll be a minute! I'll get on with the week. Tuesday we flew down here all night! On the plane Steed and I were talking to this Guatemalan and he was so interested about the Church so Steed gave him his Book of Mormon. With his name engraved on it! Haha. The bus ride in was insane! Guatemala is way pretty! And at this MTC we get to leave
sometimes. Like in two weeks they take us to the city and leave us to tract! And then in three they take us to the market and then we get to go to Wendy's. Anyways, my companion is from Hyrum. His name is Elder Whittaker. He's cool! Elder Crompton is in my district Mom!

Thursday we play soccer at gym time always. I can't wait to show you some pics of the soccer fields. I rep for the Nortes or the North Americans (white people) Six goals in 5 games so I've scored everyday we've played. The Latins here are way cool! They're all funny and extremely nice! They help us learn espanol and we help them with English.
On Friday the Market came. These vendors come into this alley in back of the MTC and sell stuff. I got some great ties for about 80 quaetzalas. So 10 dollars. You can buy soccer jersey's like 50 dollar ones for 10 dollars here. It's insane. Anyways I got a haircut friday. A barber comes and you go into the back outside and he just asks, listo? Which is ready in spanish, and then he just cuts your hair. It was nuts. I don't remember when it was this short. We went to CRE Friday too. Which is in a separate building off MTC campus that we teach other missionaries in. It was so sick! 
Saturday and Sunday- we watched conference all weekend. Wow. I love conference. The opportunity to hear the words of God through our beloved Prophets. New missionary age still shocks me!  All of you better be going on missions right now. I'm not even joking
colby, marcus, beck, z rod, t$, A Train, Cameron. ALL OF YOU: You don't know how much it will change you for the better until you're here! 
My favorite conference talk was probably Elder Holland's! I love him so much!
Send packages quick! Cause, they take like 2 to 3 weeks! :( and my Latinos want some pics!!! My teachers are awesome. Hermano Gaulvez knows the Rodgersons cousin!!! He just got home from his same mission 4 months ago! I got connects all over the world I guess. I never knew how much Spanish I knew until I had to speak it so much. Best thing
everyday is refaccion which is at night we just get a half hour break for a refreshment. I love Guate as they call it down here. Ñove you all! E mail you Saturday! Hit me up before that! Love always.... Elder Nicholas White  

Para siempre dioes este con vos

Guatemala MTC
Guatemala City Temple

Monday, October 1, 2012

Last Week in Provo

Hola! This last week was my last week in the Provo MTC! It's insane how fast three weeks has gone by! I leave Tomorrow for the MTC in Guatemala! And in a way it's kind of the same as leaving for this MTC. They say Home is where the heart is, well my heart is here in Provo. I love it here so much! It's like I'm leaving Home. I'm leaving our great State. I'm leaving the greatest country in the World. I'm leaving so many great new friends for two years. Today at lunch Elder Thomas and I were talking about how it's kind of like we left our families and now we're leaving our new families. Our Zone is such a blessing. They're all amazing and I love them all so much. But I know that my call to serve in Guatemala is divine and inspired from our Heavenly Father. I know that Guatemala will become my home in no time. I've never even been there and I'm already in love with it. Anyways, I'll get on with my week.
Tuesday- Tuesday was a crazy day! We woke up and went to class then ate breakfast then when we got back to class my Companion got a call down over the intercom in the hall and we had to go to the travel office. Then they told us that we had to go on a field trip to the police station in Provo to get his fingerprints and everything for his Visa. It was pretty fun I won't lie. We went right down Ninth and then turned onto Center Street and went to the station. We were there for about an hour. Just hanging out, reading the Spanish fellotes. I couldn't figure out how to spell it in English so I figure that would work. Then when we got back we had our sacred Pokemon name Ceremonial service performed by the Pokemon Masters, Elder Brooks and Elder Grammer. I received the name of Voltorb and I have my Voltorb cards. However, I evolved last night as a departing gift from the new Pokemon Masters, Elder Baltazar and Elder Bues. So now I need an Electrode Card if anyone has one send it to me!!!! Tuesday Night Devotional was Elder Golden of the Seventy his talk was pretty good, but his wife had a quote that really stuck she said, "every single day millions and millions of prayers are uttered for you." It's true everyone. Keep praying for missionaries. I promise you we can feel it! In the words of the great Elder Stone, "being a missionary takes faith", it also takes blessings. However, the blessings it gives are far more than the ones required to serve. It in itself is a blessing to have the opportunity. At our post devotional District Devotional Review President Stone told us that "Our mission" is not a thing. "It's not your Mission. It's the Lord's Mission. And you are just the messenger." President Stone is the man.
Wednesday- We got a nuevo distrito on Wednesday! A new district! Elder Nelson and Elder Payne are in it! So I have some friends in it! They're all pretty cool Missionaries. Elder Payne and Elder Nelson are both doing well!
Thursday- Thursday was just the usual day of class and nothing too exciting. We had two lessons Thursday. Our lesson with Jorge went really well and that's when I realized that I can speak a whole lot more Spanish than I thought I could. The spirit in our lesson was so strong. It was incredible.
Friday- Friday was probably our most intense game of Futbol at the MTC and my last! :( My team was down 3-0, then we "turned it up" I'll explain it later it involves a hand sign and a hillarious story. And we won 4-3. I had the game winning assist. It was dirty. Friday also was probably my best day of Spanish yet. Hermano Sagers at the start of class pulled up a Japanesse lesson for us and showed it to us. He then said, "don't ever get discouraged with Spanish. Compared to this Spanish is the easiest thing in the World." In our Zone we have a no englies despues seis thing where we don't speak English from dinner on and Friday I did really well with it. It was a great day.
Saturday- Saturday was pretty much the same as Thursday. We had a lesson with Jorge. It was pretty good.
Sunday- The best day of the week in the MTC!!! This Sunday was Fast Sunday so we had Mission Conference. Which is kind of like Stake Conference, but with the whole MTC and the Presidency speaks to you. It was really good. Then the half of our district that's going to Guatemala and the other district in our zone leaving went to the departure devotional. It was great! President Brown, Gordon D. Brown (JD will get it), had a great talk about missionary work! At our devotion Brother Robert Swensen who is the Director of Missionary Services spoke to us. It was so good. The best quote he had though was about how everyone loves Missionaries. He said, "I mean look at yourselves. You're all so adorable." It was probably the funniest thing ever. Today walking to the Temple that was proven when everyone wanted to talk to us. A family stopped taking a picture and started yelling at us to say hi on our way out. It was really funny. After that we had our "Hasta Ver" it was so cool! I'll send a video when I can send my SD card at some point. But it's where all of the leaving Missionaries get in the middle of the room in their suites and all the other ones not leaving don't where suites and surround them. Then they all sing Para Siempre Dios Este con vos. Which is God be with you til we meet again in Spanish. You sing the verses reverantly and then still reverent, but singing you're hearts out, you sing the chorus. The fourth verse is the quitest and most reverent and all the Elders in the middle put their arms around each other and sing. Then when it's over, the Elders in the middle all repeat the last line four times quitely and the ones on the outside don't sing. The last line is Para Siempre Dios Este con vos. Then everyone kneals and says a prayer together. It's so awesome. I loved being in the middle with the oldest district! They're all such great examples and I love them! They're my favorite district by far! Last night at my last devotional in Provo we sang Armies of Helaman like at my first. It was amazing. I love being a missionary. There is not a doubt in my mind that this Church is true. Love you all. Para Siempre Este con vos Brothers and Sisters. Familias son eternas. My quote for the week is from President Brown. It is, "the last day of your mission I want you to stand in front of the mirror and say, I have no regrets." I plan on it President. Love,
Elder Nicholas David White
P.S. E-Mail; me people.....
Elder White on a "field trip" to the Police Station
Elder Bean pretending to break the rules by using the phone
Elder White at the Provo City Police station

Elder White got bored at the Police Station and since he didn't have Instagram,
he looked up Grandpa in the phone book and boxed it in
Provo Temple
Provo Tabernacle being rebuilt as the new Provo Temple
Nuevo Distrito on Temple Walk
Elder Crawford on Temple Walk
Elder Payne on his first Temple Walk
He was so excited!

 Elder Kullbeth doing his thing

Elder Luna on Temple Walk...

...He's anti-picture, as you can tell

Elder Jensen & Elder White

Elder Steed

District Quote from the Devotional on Tuesday Night

Elder Dreesen wearing Elder Sperry's Wong tie

Elder Sperry messing around with a toothpick in his mouth

Elder Payne, Elder White & Elder Nelson
Representin' Alta High

Elder Allen & Elder White
Buckeye's Fans!!!

Elder Steed's drawing of the District's Pokemon

The District

Elder White & Elder Ashby

Elder White & Elder Beesten

Elder White with his first Zone Leader Elder Brooks

Elder White & Elder Burbank
Elder White says:  "He made my first week.  I'll tell you the story later."

Elder Crawford & Elder White

Elder White & Elder Dreesen

Elder White & Elder Grammer

Elder Jensen & Elder White

Elder White with his Zone Leader Elder Nielsen

Elder Scott & Elder White

Elder White & Elder Shearer

Elder White & Elder Sperry

Elder White & Elder Thomas

Elder Brooks & Elder Grammer
Singing "Baby it's Cold Outside" to the Zone

Elder White & Elder Nelson

Guatemala, Here I Come!!!!