Monday, December 30, 2013

Peace Out 2013

This week was not that great. Christmas week is always slow. 
Monday we had a Family Night in the Church with a few members and some investigators. It was really fun. There was a message, a few games and some hot chocolate. So that was a big success. 
Tuesday we talked to the fam on skype. So that was cool. We then ate at some house and delivered the rice and beans and stuff we bought for some families that don't have too much food. It was  a fun time. 
Wednesday. My last Christmas as a missionary. Yes. We walked around trying to get anyone to listen to us all day, but it didn't work out too well. We did have some funny experiences however. A lady told us we could stop by another day , but that the problem was that she was just visiting. We asked where she was from and she said, I'm not from here. I'm from Omnjas, Jalapa. My companion said he thought she was messing around until she looked him right in the eyes and said it without even flinching.¨It was pretty classic. 
Thursday I did an interview for the Sisters here in Jalapa so that was good. 
Friday I don't want to talk about this day. But the Perez Family still didn't accept Baptismal dates.
Saturday we were going to a Baptism and wanted the Perez Family to go with us. So we went to get them and the Mom said she couldn't cause, she wasn't ready. We went with one of her kids to the Church. The bus was still waiting for a few people so I just called her and said that we were passing by for her and her daughter. We then asked the President and he said it was fine. So we passed by and got them. Another family we are teaching went as well. I directed the service so that was cool. 
Sunday I talked in Church and only the Perez family came. We also were talking to this guy in the street that lived in the states and a group of older people passed by and he started yelling at them in English. And we told him to stop cause, they were getting freaked out, but he didn't. Well the Church is true! 

Love you all. 
Love, Elder White

Elder Walton & Elder White

Elder White & Elder Walton put rice and beans in stockings
and delivered them to those in need

Elder White found Santa in Monjas!

Lilly staring at Uncle (Elder) Nic

Lilly doesn't quite know what to think
Usually, she gives Uncle Nic kisses via picture frame, not computer...
I think she is a little confused!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The greatest way to send Christmas preaching loud for all to hear!

Qué onda mucha? It's Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas season with their snow and cold weather... hahaha. It's crazy to think that this is my second Christmas in the mission. This week was good. 
On Monday we had the worst p-day ever. No one was here. But at night we had a sweet lesson in the Church with Eduardo. We don't know what more we can do with him and his family! But it will all work out. 
Tuesday we taught the Perez family the law of chastity. They all committed to live it so that's good. They literally know everything. Know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet that the Church is true, that the Book of Mormon is true! They just have something holding them back. We've been trying way hard to find out what it is! Hopefully we can get it. 
Wednesday we had to go do some interviews for some Baptisms that didn't actually happen. But the interviews were awesome and they had no problems so that was good. We were going to be late for our appointment because of the length of the interviews so we just stopped by really quickly and talked about the restoration of the priesthood a little bit more in depth and gave Angeles a blessing because she had been sick. It was a good lesson. 
On Thursday we did divisions with the Zone Leaders. I came to Jalapa with Elder Huayta (el chino) and my comp stayed in Monjas. I interviewed a girl that they baptized on Sunday. She is super awesome and she'll be a great member. Her boyfriend leaves on his mission in March and he baptized her. We also taught a lesson about the Book of Mormon in the house of a member. It's a lot different the life in a ward. I'd forgotten about it. 
Friday we ended divisions. We taught the Castro family. A family we found in the street a week ago. They live next to  a bar.... that they own. But they are changing it into a store because, they realize that alcohol is bad. We haven't taught them that it was a decision they made by themselves. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. It was a good lesson. We also taught Elio and he had a bunch of questions. We also taught the Perez family in the Church, but Eduardo hadn't gotten there yet so we couldn't go in and teach them (just Rosa and Angeles and a member) but they were all women so we couldn't go in until Eduardo got there. He finally came and we taught about faith and exercising your faith in God. It was a solid lesson. 
Saturday we taught an awesome family that we hadn't been able to teach in a minute. We taught them about the Sabbath Day. They are awesome and promised to come to Church.  We taught another new family and they are super receptive as well. 
Sunday the Vallenzuella Family came to Church!!!!!!!!!!!!! The family we taught on Saturday came to Church and they liked it. They had had problems in their former Church. So they were scared, but they finally got brave enough to come!  We also taught the Perez family and they committed to do family prayer every night. We are praying so hard for them to get rid of their fear and just get baptized already! Pray for them! They think they are members of the Church already. Love you all. Things are looking up in Monjas. Merry Christmas to all.... 

Love, Elder Nicholas David White

I know you like watermelon

Monjas at its finest

Thursday, December 19, 2013


What's up family? I didn't think of a title so I apologize for that.  I'm also sorry that I'm horrible at typing now a days.  I only use a computer once a week for an hour so I'm getting bad. This last week was good. 
On Monday we just did the normal p-day jazz and ate and all that. 
Tuesday we had a leadership meeting in Jutiapa.  So that was good. We learned lots of good things. We also taught the new family we found about the Book of Mormon.  In the words of my comp. "they are too prepared for the Gospel. They just need to schedule their time better!" But it was good. We also taught the Perez family about the Book of Mormon. They just don't understand the importance of that and prayer. They have committed to live the word of wisdom, they go to Church, they do everything, but they won't ask God if they should get baptized. 
Thursday I hit 15 months so that was cool. It was just a normal day. My companion burned a tie for 6 months so that was cool. 
Friday we did some service helping a member take down this huge wood thing he built and taking it to the dump. The dump here is nuts.  It is full of dogs and there is a family that lives there.  Their house is like a tent of signs and garbage stuff.  We also had a branch Christmas activity.  It was really good. Lots of investigators came and all that so that's good. 
Saturday a bunch of kids from a ward came to see how being a missionary is.  So we each were in groups with them and we took them to contact and teach and everything.   It was a solid time.  We taught the Perez Family about the word of wisdom and they accepted to live it without a question.   I don't know how more they could be ready for baptism!!!!! 
Sunday we taught some lessons and put a fecha (date) with Eduardo the 18 year old son of the Perez family for this Saturday.  We just need to help him pray and receive his answer! Pray for him please!  I love you all.  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love this Church and the chance to represent it. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White

I Love Gif Nielson

15 Months!!

Elder White & Elder Steed

Monday, December 9, 2013

It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This week was weird, but good. On Monday we did nothing cool. We taught a lesson to a family that had dates to get Baptized and they told us that they can't go to Church anymore cause, they saw some program and think we have multiple wives. We explained it to them, but the damage was done. So that wasn't that cool. 
Tuesday we had zone conference with another zone for Christmas. It was awesome. We watched a great movie about Ephraim Hanks and learned a lot of cool stuff. We also go t to see some good friends so that was good. One of the old sisters came back on divisions so that was fun. 
Wednesday my companion contacted a guy in the street while I was knocking on a door. It turns out the guy just started asking him why there are so many Churches. He explained him it and realized he was drunk as ever. The guy asked him the same question about ten times. So that was classic. I knocked all the doors on the street while this happened cause, I couldn't go over without laughing. 
Thursday we went to visit a member that moved to a village about 30 minutes away on foot. She still comes to Church though. We took a tuk tuk out there, but had to walk back. She is awesome. We also got an investigator to come to an activity where the stake president came to talk. It was a solid activity. The bad thing is that he never wants to go to Church, but he goes to every activity. 
Friday we had zone meeting. A week full of meetings right?  We then did divisions with the zone leaders and I went with Elder Buckley. I literally always stay in my area on divisions and I don´t know why I can´t plan it better. We taught an inactive family by candlelight. It was awesome they have been coming to activities, but it´s hard to get them to church for it being at nine in the morning.  We also taught a family in the church and put a baptismal date with the 18 year old son. The mom and her others kids still haven't accepted one, but we'll see. 
Saturday we came to Jalapa for the Baptism of Cindy and we rented a small bus. I had to sit on the ground the whole time. It was awful, but fun. Eduardo couldn't go, but he told us he had already decided to get Baptized so he didn't need to see it. 
Sunday we went to Church and only Eduardo came. His family didn't :( We then taught an awesome new family and a crazy guy and went to the Christmas devotional.I loved it! President Monson talked about how the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ. It's so true. I love Christmas. I love Christ our savior and I love the Church. 

Love you all! Love, Elder White!!!!!!!! 

Happy B Day. White, Grandpa, Ty and Taylor Swift I hope you all have great weeks! 

Love you guys. Love, Elder White

Elder White & Hermana Sanchez

Elder White & Elder Kunde

Monday, December 2, 2013

It makes cold in Monjas

This week was insane! It was one of the hardest weeks of my mission. 
Monday we had p-day. The sisters said bye to everyone and left. 
Tuesday we woke up and worked we tried to divide our area differently, but we couldn't cause, we started working in it and felt awful for some reason. We went back to the house to pray. We made a list of all the things we were stressed about and talked them out one by one. We solved them all and felt better. We helped the new sisters get to know their area. THEY ARE WAY DIFFERENT THAN THE OLD ONES. 
Wednesday we taught some lessons and all that jazz. 
Thursday we had an activity of the branch in a members house our investigator Obidio came. He goes to every activity, but we can´t get the kid to church. His brother goes to church, but we can´t get him to activities. It´s weird. But it was solid. The house was way to christmasy and we started getting baggy. So that´s not good. The weird thing is when I get baggy for Christmas I don´t think about Christmas in Utah, but Christmas in Montserrat last year. Weird right? 
Friday we just worked and Saturday too. We started our fast on Saturday. It was good. Sunday we passed by for everyone. We got the mom and little sister of the two teenagers to church for the first time!!!!!!!!!! She was questioning  it, but my companion just told her. Hermana in Utah it snows up to our waists sometimes, but I always went to church. I think he did it with that one. He didn´t mention that he drove and didn´t have to walk. ha ha. But It was awesome to get them in church. The church is true. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White

Thanksgiving with my Turkeys

Studying in the cold

Monday, November 25, 2013


What's up. This week was a quick one. And it was pretty decent. 
Monday we did nothing of importance. 
Tuesday we did divisiones and I went with a missionary from my comops group. We had a branch activity and it was pretty good. Only one investigator came, but that's alright. He liked it. Wednesday nothing
Thursday we didn't have too much
Friday There wasn´t water so we couldn't shower til after we had studied. It threw off my day. We also watched the Joseph Smith movie with these two brothers we are teaching in the Church. We invited them to be Baptized and they!!!... didn't accept the date. I couldn't believe it. I've never been in a lesson more spiritual. 
Saturday was stake conference part one so we came to Jalapa. It was good. We slept at the Zone Leaders so we did divisiones with them. We found a part family and the sister is pregnant. 
Sunday morning she had her baby. We taught them the plan of salvation. She hasn't gone to Church in a few years, but her brother is leaving on his mission this week. 
Sunday we finished stake conference. It was a broadcast form Utah. Elder Scott spoke in Spanish. One investigator came. We don't have changes. The Church is true. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen! 

Love, Elder White

La Gran Semana Misionera

This week was mission week in Monjas. There were like two hundred catholic missionaries in town.  
Last Monday we went to the volcano. It was pretty awesome. I'm going to try to send some pictures if the computer works. On the way to the volcano some drunk lady sat by us in the bus and we couldn't wake her up to pay so they finally just took her out and left her in the middle of some town. The crazy stuff that happens in guate. 
Tuesday I completed 14 months and it was just a normal day. 
Wednesday we woke up at 6 to a bunch of noise. So we looked out the window and we saw a bunch of catholics marching behind a nun with flags and praying to her. That's weird right? Or no? We also met the baby of our investigators and we taught them about the plan of salvation. Unfortunately their dates fell through and they didn't come to Church. 
Thursday there hadn't been water in this huge section of Monjas for about three days. So we are walking down the street and everyone is outside in as little clothing as possible with as many buckets as possible waiting for this huge truck of water to pass.  It was a straight up [out of a] movie scene. We also had a branch activity and we got some investigators and inactives there so that was solid. 
Friday we did divisiones with the zone leaders and I stayed with Elder Huayta in my area. We saw the same group of like 100 catholics kneeled down in the street praying to a picture. THE WEEK WAS WEIRD: we also taught two teenagers about the Prophet Thomas S. Monson. They are both solid. 
Saturday nothing good happened. 
Sunday we had some good lessons with two families that we are teaching.  I felt the spirit so strongly in both of the lessons.  It was awesome. The Church is true. I love being a missionary even when it's not working out. 

Love you. 

Love, Elder White

A lot of walking = HUGE BLISTERS!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today we are going to a volcano, so I am writing way early. How was the week you might ask? It was alright.  It was so fast I can't believe it already happened. 
Monday was good...We did nothing fun, but then at night we taught two great lessons. We taught the best lesson I have ever been in as a missionary. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of Baptism. We put two Baptismal dates. But the woman is having her baby right now! That's crazy huh? But it was the greatest lesson I have ever taught. We then taught another family about the Book of Mormon it was a crazy spiritual lesson too. Monday was a great day. 
Tuesday we had zone meeting. ALL DAY SITTING DOWN!!! We were here in Jalapa and out of nowhere a guy yells at me, "are you from salt lake?" I turn around to see a man that is whiter than I am with blond hair. He then explains that he is visiting his wife who lives here. He is from Boston and he is Lorenzo Snow's great grand son!!! He was not raised Mormon however. He ask if I could sell him a Book of Mormon.  I told him no, but that I could give him one. The good thing is he knows Spanish or we would of been out of luck with the Book. So I gave him one and told him to look for the missionaries in Boston. I then said, red sox suck and left it at that. Just kidding I didn't say that. We then taught some lessons and contacted. 
Wednesday we did some service digging holes and building a house so that was fun. We also had a great lesson with our family that has the date. 
Thursday NOTHING. 
Friday we found a family that the two daughters are members, but no one else is.  A family of 7. We are starting to visit them this week. They are really great. We also talked to like 6 dudes in a row that lived in the states. Weird right? 
Saturday we taught another spiritually lesson.  It ended with the sister telling us that she has a true desire to know if Joseph Smith was a Prophet so that's good. We also found a new family. Of 10.  It was a scary lesson a bit. But it was nice. 
Sunday only two came to Church.  It is frustrating working as hard as possible and that people don't do their part to progress. It was a good day though and we had a good lesson with the Perez family. 

Love you all

Love, Elder White

Classic photo
14 months 
Elder Steed & Elder White



¿que onda mucha?

What's up? This week was solid. And fast. Monday we did nothing. Once again p-days outside the cap are LAME! I miss the city people. 
Tuesday we did divisions with the other district leader cause in my district there are only sisters. Sister Stay gave me permission to do divisions with the other district leaders. S I went to Asunción Mita. It's a little different. It's like St. George, but not as pretty. I was with Elder Lopez, he was in the MTC with me so it was cool. 
Wednesday we had nothing just some contacting and lessons. 
Thursday we went to visit a guy we contacted. So we get there and he starts going off about his love for the USA. He said, "without the states we are nothing" he then asked us if we believed in the ten commandments. So we taught him and asked him if he had a question or a comment his comment was... "If I had to die for one country in the world, it would be the United States of America". He's nuts. But he's a good guy. I like him at least. We also had a noche de hermanamiento in the house of a less active sister. A family of investigators showed up and they loved it! So that was successful. 
Friday we did divisions with the ZL´S and I stayed in my area with Elder Buckley. We taught the Lima family the restoration and it was great. We also taught the Najara family the Sabbath day and they came to Church yesterday! Two down one to go until they can get baptized! 
Saturday was lame. 
Sunday we witnessed apostasy - a 15 year old teacher blessed the Sacrament and no one thought about it until after. We also had a great lesson with the Perez Family. They are doing great. We just need to get them to Church. This week wasn't too eventful. But I love you all. 
The Church is true. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White  

P.S. did everyone forget about me or what? Write a bro.

Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013


What's up family? This week was fast as ever and good. 
Monday we didn't do much for p-day. P-day outside of the capital is awful and it's spent in a bus traveling. 
Tuesday we had a great lesson with Hugo and Heidi. They are a sweet family we are teaching, but the problem is she is going to have a baby. Like it's over due. So it's hard for them right now to focus. We taught them the Book of Mormon and read with them a bit.  They also told us we would be sharing the message and a night of fellow shipping so we get there and it's a b-day party. Not cool branch. So we ate cake and left. 
Wednesday nothing good happened. 
Thursday we went to our comedor to eat dinner and they had left us pancake mix to make and they left town. The mix was full of cockroaches and so was the house. So we dumped it down the drain and went to eat at a restaraunt. 
Friday we had interviews with the President and his wife too! It was good. We had to memorize the 13th article of faith during the week when I'd study it I decided to study all of them. So I now know by memory the 13 Articles of Faith in Spanish. But not in English so don't get too excited Su Jones. Haha primary reference!We also read with Hugo and Heidi and taught them how God answers prayers. We also went to dinner and the sister was supposed to make brownies, but she didn't. So the guy whose house we eat in starts busting out scriptures and substituting words with brownies to condemn her. So we start too and after about 25 minutes we've busted out every scripture we know and replaced a word with brownies it was funny. 
Saturday we had a lunch in the Church and I met my roommate from the MTC's family! It was cool. We also visited a reference and taught their family. They are awesome. 
Sunday was pretty uneventful, but good. 

Well the Church is true. Love you all. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White

Monday, October 21, 2013

The week of sickness

This week was almost uneventful. My comp was sick for about 4 and a half days and the nurse told him not to leave much. More about my comp - Elder Walton is 19 he is chill. We would be friends back home and we get along really well. He works hard. He's speaks Spanish well for only having 4 months in the mission. Don't forget, he's my kid!
Monday was p-day and we did nothing. 
Tuesday, nothing.
Wednesday we had a night of fellow-shipping at a family we just actividades' house with the branch. It was pretty solid. We had a lesson and everything. The husband still hasn't gotten baptized, but he's being a hard investigator. 
Thursday we taught a great family. They are awesome. Hermano Hugo started asking us about Joseph Smith and his life. So we pulled out the restoration movie and watched it. He loved it and has been praying about it. The only bad thing is his wife is having a baby this week. So that might slow us down. 
Friday we taught Hermano Juan about the Book of Mormon. He gave the best answers I have heard to the questions we asked him and he is reading. Even though he barely knows how. 
Saturday we taught an awesome family in the Church. The only problem is they sometimes take care of the mom so they travel a lot. But we taught them the restoration and they enjoyed it a lot. 
Sunday I gave a talk about prayer. I still don't like giving talks although I've given like 15 in the mish. And nothing too exciting. This week will be better. I love you all! 
Happy B Day to one of my best friends Russell tomorrow! Love you bud. Also to my boy JR is this week right? If I'm wrong take that part out. 

Love you guys! 

Love, Elder White

In the words of Gif Nielson... Exclamation Point!

What's up family? How was your week? Mine was sweet. Last p-day we did nothing cool. In the night we contacted a new family and started teaching them. 
Tuesday we had zone meeting in Jutiapa. It is awful traveling on the bus so much it wears me out. We also taught the Portillo family, a part family that we baptized their daughter this week, about the restoration. It was raining and we were going to watch the DVD on our little DVD player and we couldn't hear it in their tin roof house. I prayed that it would stop raining. Sounds crazy right? But as we started the movie it stopped.... when we finished it it started again. 
Wednesday We taught the Portillos again. We also found a new investigator and put a fecha (date) with him. 
Thursday we finished teaching Sairy tithing and the law of chastity so she could get baptized. We stole Z Rods (Elder Zach Rodgerson) idea and bought candy in the tienda and gave it to her so she could practice paying tithing. It was a solid lesson. 
Friday I was in Jalapa on divisions and we had to do like 3 interviews so that was it. My comp went to an appointment with a family we had contacted and they are awesome. 
Saturday we had Sairy's baptism! It was awesome. I also completed 13 months! So that's pretty cool.  
Sunday the new family came to Church! 
It was a good week. I don't have changes... neither does my comp. We're keeping this Utah swag going in Monjas for 6 more weeks. But I won't get to see all my friends go home... That's sad. The Church is true. 

Love, Elder White 

p.s. write a bro people. It's not like I've died. I'm just in Guatemala

13 Months!!!
With Elder Steed

Sairy's Baptism

Monday, October 14, 2013

Conference Number 3

What's up? This week was nuts. Monday we had p-day and did nothing. 
Tuesday we had zone conference and it was awesome. We learned some great stuff. We also started divisions with the zl´s. 
Wednesday we put a fecha with Saidy. The daughter of the family we reactivated. So she should be getting Baptized this Saturday! 
Thursday we just worked. 
Friday we taught the family we are reactivating and it was awesome. 
Saturday it was conference!!! Yes! We ate with the Bishop of the area of the stake center cause, we are like 40 minutes away from it. We also ate with all the Elders before Priesthood. We slept over in the zone leaders house. 
Sunday we Watched conference and that's it. Conference was awesome. It is better and faster as a missionary. I loved so many talks - I'll share a few things. Lorenzo Snow once said it is our job to try to be perfect. That is true. We will never be perfect, but we have to try. Edward Dube went hard. Never look back. He also said when you accept a call you accept it with all your commitment!!!  It's true. Please fulfill your duties! I'm sick of people not doing their jobs. He also said it's not about where we have been or what we have done, but where we are willing to go. That is so true. 
Bednar said we need to change our own circumstance and not expect others to do it for us. I loved that more than ever. 
Gifford Neilson just had a great talk.  Holland said we have been chosen to live in a fallen world. Pres Uchtdorf told us that sometimes we need someone to look us in the eye and say, you can do it, get up. 

The Church is true. 

Love, Elder White

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Que chillero vos

Ey que onda family? How are you all doing? This week was fast as ever. I don't even remember last week. 
On Monday we went the the border of El Salvador for our district activity. It's in our zone so it's was only like two hours in a bus... huge zones outside of the capital.... I told everyone it would all be closed cause other Elders told me it all closes at 1. So we get there at about 1:30 and there is nothing. No one listens to me I swear. I also used a quote that Russell sent me in our meeting so that was good. 
Tuesday Nothing
Wednesday we met an inactive member and her husband and daughter who are not members. Yes! Things started to look up in Monjas. We also taught a lesson in the Church with our investigator with a Baptismal date. He loved it and has been reading and praying every day. 
Thursday we read the Book of Mormon with Rodrigo. The man from Wednesday and he was loving it and asking questions. 
Friday nothing
Saturday it was Elder Walton's birthday!!!! We had tons of lessons and such. We were teaching one and the two women we teach live right next to the river and don't leave too often. We read about the Sabbath day and I asked her what she got out of the verses. She said the laying on of hands..... We then read them again and explained them in detail. When my comp said the last prayer I somehow started thinking of the sister and how she moves her hand in front of her face and yells during our prayer. My companion paused and her whispering and he almost laughed. It was bad. I shoved my entire tie in my mouth and did not laugh. He couldn't finish... so he ended by saying in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. in English!!! They didn't hear cause they were so busy praying still so he yelled amen in Spanish and we finished we had to compose ourselves before they ended. It was weird. Other than that it was a good lesson. They didn't noticed that part. 
Sunday the inactive sister and her family came to Church! Well just her and the daughter and the little son that's 3. But it was her first time in 8 years. Our other investigators with baptismal dates said they were going to visit their aunt so they couldn't go to Church. But in the afternoon they went to an activity in the Evangelical Church. The members of their church fellowship... so that is how they are beating us in Monjas. The Church is true and I love being a missionary. I love you all. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

Elder Nicholas White

P-day with the District

Beautiful Monjas Sunset

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Hey family how is it going. If this keyboard let me I would send a question mark. This week was pretty fast and not too exciting. I feel as if we have invited half of Monjas to get baptized this week. In literally every lesson we popped the question.  So in the mission when I entered we had to do 10 contacts a day for each missionary. So twenty a day in companionship. 140 in a week. About 7 months ago we only had to contact five men and five families everyday. Now we have to do 35 everyday. 245 every week. And it is hard. We did it this week, but it is definitely challenging to do them all and have all the lessons and everything. 
Monday was p-day and we didn't do much. Outside the capital there is literally nothing to do. So we just ate. And I saw a guy wearing a junior jazz jersey. 
Tuesday we had to go to Jutiapa for a capacatation meeting for district leaders and it was pretty good. I learned a lot of good stuff there. We have been putting in all to practice this week. 
Wednesday was a day filled with fallen appointments and lots of contacts. Not the greatest of days. 
Thursday we put a few baptismal dates. So that was good. We also went to a little village that is part of our area. It's called Las Palmas and it's about a 15 minute tuk tuk ride from Monjas. There are members there, but we couldn't find any of them home. So that was a bust. Also it got dark and we couldn't get a tuk back to Monjas. so we walked. 
Saturday we taught a great family. They don't know how to read so it is harder to teach them. But they are cool. We put some dates with them so we will see what happens in the future. Also one of the two baptismal dates we put on Thursday is never home anymore so I'm pretty sure it fell... 
Sunday was Sunday. We went to Church and the Branch President couldn't come due to a death in the family. So the Sacrament wasn't ready or anything. We prepared it and started about 20 minutes early. A woman that we had contacted came in right before we passed the sacrament and it was great. She stayed all three hours and we are visiting her tomorrow. So we hope to work with her. 
Well the Church is true. I heard about the BYU/Utah game.... that's solid. Everyone knows I'm a Buckeye fan.

 I love you all. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White

Riding in the Tuk Tuk

This reptile was loose in Elder White's apartment