Monday, April 29, 2013

No me digas que no

Fam! What it do? This week was nuts. But it was a good week. I'll start of by telling you that I've had 4 comps this week so it's been nuts.
On Monday we had a lesson with the Family Ijom that we were trying to get dates with. I felt a really strong impression just to teach about faith and not even mention Baptism. So we taught about faith. The Hermano told us that he would get Baptized! And yesterday we Baptized him! His wife is still a work in progress, but this month I'll help her out! The next day when we went to do the interview his ten year old daughter that we baptized two weeks ago told me that she was up all night on Sunday praying for her Dad. It was awesome to hear about the faith of a little girl and the love and trust that she has in her Heavenly Father. On Tuesday Elder Hollingsworth came to do the interview for Hermano Vicente. We went with him to another area to do the interview there and after we came back for ours. Hermano Vicente passed it and it was awesome. The secretaries also came and took away my kid so that he could go to the MTC in the DR. So I was in a trio with the other two elders in the area.
On Thursday we were going crazy trying to visit our investigators and theirs and all of them at the same time so we did 3 way divisions with members. It was pretty crazy.
On Friday I got my new comp. Elder Avila from Santa Rosa, Guatemala. Hes' a stud. He's going to go into the MTC here in Guate this week. Z Rod look out for my kid. I think he'll be the first elder ever to enter the MTC with a Baptism in the field haha. But we were walking to a lesson and we stopped to buy burgers in this street cart. The lady gave me free ones. That's the perks of being in an area for so long is that everyone knows you. But it's also hard that way too.
Saturday we did service by helping set up a fiesta of the young single adults in the stake center. It was crazy. We also worked taking tickets at it. After we had a lesson with Hermano Edgar. He is reading and has been developing his testimony he has to get married so he can get Baptized, but his wife doesn't like the Church too much. So I need all your help again. It worked last time so please pray for the Alonso Family.
Sunday was awesome. We went to Church and had a great time like usual. Right after Church was over I had the privilege of leading an amazing man into the font and Baptizing him in front of most of the ward. It took months of teaching him, praying for him countless times a day, and fasting for him, but he made it there. It was one of the best Baptismal experiences that I have had. We also helped the cutest little girl ever with her English homework and her math. It was sweet. Don't worry she's 8. We also had dinner with the Bishop. He invited us to eat because, it is cambios this week and he has completed six years to be Bishop. I do not have cambios however. So I will be here for at least 7 months. It's cool cause, I love Monteserrat. This week was stressful and hard, but incredible. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of God. It was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I love the gospel and I look forward to living it all my life.  Love you all.
Love, Elder Nicholas David 
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Life as a Father

This week was fast as everything and it wasn't that eventful. But it was a good week. 
On Tuesday we did some service in the morning and painted the doors of a house for some non- members. It was a good opportunity to preach the Gospel through action. 
On Wednesday we went to our appointments with a hermano in our ward and he really helped to bring a lot of Spirit with us. Our investigator told us that he had had a dream about a dead person giving him a key. I told him that I thought it was maybe a family member giving him a key to open the door to baptism for them and that they were waiting for him to do their work in the Temple. He has one problem to overcome before his Baptism. He has to get married, but his wife doesn't like the Church so she won't get married to him in the Church. It's complicated. But he has quit smoking so that's really good. 
On Friday we went to visit a less active member with our counselor and his girlfriend was there receiving lessons about the Church. She is a Jehovas Witness. It was a crazy lesson because, everything she just took to some other crazy path about nothing, but it was a good time. 
On Saturday we went to the Temple with our recent convert (Evelin) and her family. They need to get baptized! But they told us that tonight is the night that they will have their decision on getting baptized this Saturday or not. It was awesome to show them the Temple and to feel the Spirit there. I left a package at the MTC for Elder Rodgerson. I saw three districts of Elders, but I didn't see his! It was close though. 
The Church is true and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ everyday. 

Love you all.

Love, Elder White

Siete Meses

Evelin and her Family with Elder White at the Guatemala City Temple
April 20, 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm a Father & a Murderer

What's up everyone? I hope you all had a great week. Ours was pretty good.
Monday we played soccer in teams of countries. We took second! It was fun though. I also finally sent my package por fin.
On Tuesday we did service in the morning and painted a pharmacy and also an ice cream store next door to it. It was pretty fun. The town loco was walking around and came and took pictures with us! ha ha. We also had the interview of the girl that we baptized and she passed. It was awesome. I was talking with her parents and told them about how they can be an eternal family in the temple and he told me how his Mom died when he was 5 and how he wanted to see her again. It was awesome. When we were walking Home we bought some shukos in the street. They are hot dogs that are good. And Elder Hollingsworth and I ate them.
Wednesday we had Zone Conference with the President. Hermana Stay brought us no bake cookies and I was dying. If it was possible to send me some I'd be eternally grateful. We learned the new form of work for the mission and it is a lot. It's really hard work, but it will be great. President was also talking about street food and he said not to eat it anymore because, it makes us sick. Hollingsworth and I just looked at each other and started laughing. It has never made me sick. But I can't eat it anymore cause of the new rule.
Friday we went to a few lessons with some investigators, but they weren't there. So we went to visit a less active Sister in the Ward. After we had a Elders Quorum activity to take our investigators to. They went and played some soccer with the Elders Quorum and they loved it.
Saturday was awesome. In the morning we had to go to the President's House so that my companion could have his interview with the President and take his English test. I just sat there and talked to Hermana Stay and ate brownies for like 2 hours. It was awesome getting to talk with her and eating some great brownies. I also drank milk for my first time in like 5 months and it was incredible. We also had a baptism of a little girl named Evelin. It was awesome her parents are also investigating the Church.
On Sunday my companion (Elder Luna) went to the mission home and ended his mission. It was sad, but he was happy so that's good. There I got my new companion. He is waiting for his visa to go to the MTC in the Dominican Republic and I'm training him. So in one day I killed my comp and became a dad. It was nuts. But we went to a lesson with the family of the girl we baptized and set dates for their Baptism. We decided that us two, the Elders Quorum President, and our other convert that came with us, as well as their family are going to kneel down every night at 10 PM and pray that they will be prepared for the 27th of this month. I want to ask for all of your help also. I want you all to do it every night at 10 and pray that the Ijom Family in Mixco Guatemala will be prepared and will get Baptized on the 27th of April. I promise it will help you out and us, but most importantly it will help a family take the first step in becoming Eternal. I love you all and hope you had a great week. Z Rod good luck this week and welcome to Guate!
Love you all.
Love, Elder White
Evelin's Baptism
April 13, 2013
Doing Service - painting with Elder Hollingsworth
The "Mixco Loco"

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Whats up everyone? I have limited time and not that much great happened in the week. I'll tell you in short. We beat a member in ping pong on p-day and he bought us all hot dogs! It was sweet. We also help a member do an interview in English for his English class. He taught a lot of lessons to our investigators and we have a lot of potential growth here.
Now for the part I want to use my time to talk about... Conference. We watched all 5 sessions here in the Church. It was awesome. In the world report it showed the CCM chapel and the Chapel where we have change meetings with Elder Christopherson. He came here to talk to us in that Chapel in January. I got a huge theme from conference. Stand strong in the Gospel of Christ. Why? Because, like Elder Hales said, ¨We are living in the last days¨. How do we stand strong in the Gospel? Like a lot of talks said, by being strong and honoring our Priesthood. The priesthood in the boy is just as strong as the priesthood in the man when it is exercised in righteousness. We need to like Elder Davies said, "Anchor our lives in Jesus Christ". This means we need to more fully live the Gospel. Like my boy Elder Falabella!  His Sister is in my Ward here in Guate! He taught his wife the Gospel, but she taught him to live it.  Live the Gospel. It isn't enough to know it or read it. LIVE IT. Like Elder Scott said, "Life planted in the Gospel will bring you peace and happiness. There will be troubles, but you will find peace".
I've found that my life more planted in the Gospel is a lot harder than my life before, but I have never been as happy as I have been living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can also do this by preaching the Gospel. Like Elder Anderson said, "If you don't have a missionary name tag pinned on your shirt, paint one on your heart". Please members, HELP YOUR MISSIONARIES. There is nothing more upsetting or disappointing to a missionary than when a member won't help. When they don't have the love sufficient to wish that others can have the blessings they have been given in the Church. HELP YOUR MISSIONARIES! Preach the Gospel. Joseph Smith said, "when all is said and done, the most important work is to Preach the Gospel". You don't have to be a missionary to be a missionary. Share what you know. If you don't have the faith its okay. Elder Holland said, "If you feel you don't have enough faith, feel free to lean on mine".
Be examples. Be Mormons. Don't ever be ashamed to stand up for your Church. The Lord isn't ashamed in you. Don't be ashamed in him. He loves you and needs you. Like Elder Uchtdorf said. I have much more, but not the time to write it. But I'd like to share, like Sister Wixom said, my twenty five words.
The Church is true. These things are important. Share the Gospel. Live the Gospel. Have faith. Be an example to all people. Serve the Lord.
I love you all. Good luck to my friend Z and Colby with farewells this week.  Happy Birthday today to Spencer Thomas. Happy birthday Wednesday to my hero David White. My Father, I love you.

Elder White

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Almost Conference

This last week was Semana Santa and there was legitimately no one in the streets Friday or Thursday. NO ONE. 
Monday we played soccer and after P Day ended we went to a Noche de Hogar and before it started the little kid was dancing for us for like 25 minutes. I took a great video. It will make you die of laughter in a little bit when I send my camera card home.  
Tuesday we taught a family of investigators in the Church. It was an awesome lesson. We brought our recent convert Wilfredo with us to help us out and he barely even gave us time to talk. It is awesome to see a convert that you taught the Gospel bear their testimony and how strong it is. He was killing it. 
Miercoles (Wednesday) We had a Noche de Hogar with our Ward Mission Leader and his neighbors it was awesome. We watched finding faith in Christ and talked about how we can develop our faith in the Lord. We always played soccer at 6:30 in the morning for our daily exercise and we won 15 to 6. Us two gringos and two Latinos killed four good Latinos. It was tight. 
Thursday and Friday there was no one. We just walked around contacting people in the street. I did get a free ice cream cone though. 
Saturday we had a sweet lesson with a family of investigators. We just taught them about the Sabbath day. 
Sunday we had an awesome lesson with a Family and we taught them how the Sabbath Day is important. They still didn't accept the date we have for their baptism. The Dad said that he was scared and his 10 year old daughter was like, I'm not scared. Baptize me tomorrow. So she is going to get baptized on the 13th of April and hopefully her family will follow her. 

 It was a great week and I want you all to know how much I love being here. It is hard, but it is awesome. There is nothing better than watching someone change their life and become converted unto the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Love you all. 

Love, Elder White