Monday, May 12, 2014

Slow Week

What's up guys... I'll apologize in advance. The keyboard I'm using doesn't allow for commas or apostrophes so this email will be awful. 
This week was, well if I had to choose one word to describe it it would be slow. We had a rough time. I'll just give you the highlights. We started teaching a family from the states. Well, the wife is from there and he is from here, but they are cool. We also put a baptismal date for this Saturday. The baptism we were supposed to have least week fell through and we haven't even been able to teach him this week. We had a nice lesson with the Santos Family in the house of the Diaz Family, possibly the best converts of my mish. 
Hermana Diaz got a calling to be a primary teacher!!! That was super cool. We started teaching that part family we found last week and the sister is not ready to keep commitments, but her husband is going super active on us. He left with us and went to Church and everything this week. I also found out that he knows the sickest family ever from Monjas. He served in his mission with one of them. So that's cool. 
Our investigator shared her testimony on fast Sunday yesterday. I met a kid named Dempsey after the American soccer player. And our investigator went with us to teach our converts cause, their dad wasn't home and he was the only man we could find so that we could go into the house! haha, but then someone lied to him about the Church so he dropped us... But hey. We did divisions and I helped out some dates in Carolingia. So the week was swell. I love you guys! 

Love, Elder White

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