Monday, February 18, 2013

New Mish & Stuff

Hey Family!!!! How's everything going there in the greatest place in the World? Love you guys.
Monday - Monday we played some soccer in the area after email and everything. It was pretty fun.
Tuesday - Tuesday we had a lesson with an investigator and we committed him to be baptized! But not until March 16th! But that's still good. We also had a sweet lesson with our other investigator, it was like a lesson straight from the district videos, which aren't real if anyone was wondering. But it was probably one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever been in.
Wednesday - We helped a family paint their house! It was a long day. It literally took the whole day. But we did a good job.
Friday - We looking for some old investigators. It was a good day.
Saturday - Saturday we helped clean the Chapel. Then we visited a lot of the inactive members.
Sunday - Sunday was just the usual Sunday. We had a great lesson in the Night with a sweet new Family! So that's good for this next week.
In June, they are going to open a new mission in Guatemala and the South Mission will be split. 

Sorry this email is short! Love you all.
The Church is true!
Love, Elder White

5 Months!
Having fun painting a house

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