Monday, February 4, 2013

Montserrat Madness!

Fam!!!! What's up? I've heard good things about the week from all you guys. It was a pretty good week here in Mixco, Guatemala! I was all worried about being transferred all week, but I'm not leaving yet! Good news right? I was worried it would be like leaving my Home here in Guate. Like when I left the CCM. It's sad to see my Trainer leave! But maybe there are people that need my new companion and I and not him and I.

Something interesting happened with that this week. We contacted this family and then Elder Mejia said, that Family isn't for me. I know it's not. But they're for you. It was sweet. I hope they're for us. Because, when they're for us, they're for the Lord. 

Monday as a Zone we played soccer forever. All day. It was nuts. Everyone was dying Tuesday. Haha I actually didn't write in my book of emails this week so I don't have what we did to write day by day. But this week was pretty good. We found two new Families to teach! And two investigators came to church for the first time. It was pretty awesome.

One story I'd like to share happened to us when we found a inactive member and he started talking to us. He told us he didn't really have a testimony, but he was baptized and he had received both Priesthoods (the missionaries didn't do their job!!!), but he said the Book of Mormon is beautiful, but he didn't really have a testimony. He then said "I don't know, Elder White what testimony can you give me of the Book of Mormon?" It kind of threw me off a little bit. But I just bore my testimony and told him. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith translated it. That he was a Prophet of God and that the Church he reestablished is the true Church of Jesus Christ and of Heavenly Father. I then told him how I knew it. Often we bear testimony, but we should explain how we have that testimony to help others understand how they can have one too. I told him, I know this because, I have read the book, I have studied it for hours, I have truly and humbly knelt in prayer to our Father in Heaven and asked him if it is his words and if Joseph Smith was a Prophet. And he's answered me. That's how I know the Book of Mormon is true. If you don't, do it. I promise you will.

Like President Monson said, ¨There is nothing in this World that will bring you more happiness and peace than a testimony¨. I never fully had a true strong testimony of the Book of Mormon until I read it the start of last year and prayed about it. With humility and a desire to know. I love you all and I want to testify that so does our Father in Heaven. He knows us all and loves us. He lives. Our Savior Jesus Christ lives. In his sacred name, Amen.   


Elder White

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