Monday, February 25, 2013

Almost done with February

This week was pretty interesting. We found a sweet new family and we got to teach our other ones that we have.
We had a big meeting with all of the missionaries in our mission in the city with the President of the area. We all thought it was about the new mission, but it was just about a new plan that they have for the mission where we find a family or person for every investigator and teach them in their house. It's way hard. But it's a good idea. The meeting was from nine in the morning until about four in the afternoon. It was nuts.
This week we were going to get to go to the Temple, but our convert couldn't go! So we couldn't go with him. But we're going as a Zone on the sixth so I might not have e mail again until then.
But I'd like to say congrats to all my friends that got mission calls and left and all that good stuff. Congrats to my boy Anthony! Going to the D.R. that's pretty sweet! Love you man you'll kill it. Congrats to my BFF Kylie for getting her call too! And for learning Spanish! Yes. Love you guys all. I promise I'll write in my book so my emails are better. The Church is true!

Love you all.....

Elder White

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