Monday, March 11, 2013

6 Months!!!

This week was a pretty good week.
Monday was kind of p-day, but not really. We just had district meeting and email and then it was a normal day. It was weird.
Tuesday was a pretty good day. We had the Baptismal interview for Wilfredo and he passed... It was awesome though. Then we had a member who is 17 and is getting ready for his mission come with us in the night and in a lesson he was talking about the Spirit and how he could always feel the Spirit when he was with us and he just loved it. It was awesome knowing that we cold help someone to increase their desire to go on a mission.
Wednesday we went to the Temple and I loved it. I hadn't been for 4 months. And I can't go for six more. It's the longest I'll ever go again with out going to the Temple. I loved it and it was awesome. I also went to the office to get a package with the other missionaries in our area and I saw my two friends Elder Trupp and Elder Mijangos from Mission Norte. They are both in the office there. It was sweet to get to see them. We then played some soccer in the afternoon.
Thursday we got a call saying that all of our cards were being cancelled cause we got new ones. So we had to spend all our money. So we went to Walmart and bought tons of food. Haha. It was sweet.
Friday we helped a Hermana cut the grass of their house with machetes. It was way fun. Then in the night we had a "Noche de Hogar" (Family Night)  with them and their neighbors. Saturday We had a Baptism of Wilfredo. It was awesome. We sang "If You Could Hie to Kolob. " Elder Wootton and I and our investigator that speaks English sang. I love having baptisms and baptizing. You always feel really good after them. We also had two lessons so we did divisions with members to teach them both.
Sunday was good it was just normal. In the night we had an awesome lesson with a family of investigators and they told us that they want to get Baptized. We haven't set the date yet though. But the Hermano said the first prayer of his entire life to end our lesson. It was awesome.  
Congrats to my boy Hunter Hansen on his mission call! And Beck and Marcus... nine days...
Love you all.
Love, Elder White
Baptism of Wilfredo
Elder Wootton, Elder Lara & Elder White
Baptism of Wilfredo
March 9, 2013
Elder White at the Guatemala City Temple
Guatemalan Flag
Elder White is celebrating 6 months in the Mission Field
and his niece Lilly is celebrating 6 months on this earth.

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