Monday, March 4, 2013

What Up?

What up Fam? I only have 5 minutes so I'm running here. But I have a few cool things to share from the week. This week we had some good experiences. We got to leave with a family to contact their neighbors to have  a family night that we are going to do tonight. It's going to be sweet. 
We also got to meet with our investigator who is going to get baptized this Saturday. He's definitely ready. Also we had the opportunity to fast as a zone for our goal of 20 baptisms this month. I wish we could contribute more to it, but we only have about 4 possibles for the month. 
But yesterday I was praying during the sacrament, which is one of the best prayers ever, for me it's in the temple, to start or end a fast, and in sacrament that my prayers are most powerful. I was pleading that our investigator and his daughter could come to Church for the first time and feel the Spirit. During our first class he showed up with his family. He came to Elders quorum and to Sunday school and after he wanted just to stay in Church and talk for like 20 minutes because, he loved it so much. It shows the power of the Gospel and how it touches the hearts of people. 

Love you all. Next week will be a good email, cause, we have a lot to do this week. 

Love Elder White

Elder White & one of his investigator's pet bird

Elder White eating Platinos - the Best Food Ever!!

5 Months!!

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