Monday, May 20, 2013


What's up everyone back there in the States? How was the week? Our week was interesting and really fast. We'll skip the first two days cause, nothing really happened. Wednesday we started the day off really well by studying. While studying I got hungry so we called up McDonald's. Yeah you can do that in Guate. And they brought me food. It was awesome. We went to pick up our convert to go to teach a lesson to an investigator and his daughter was really sick. She was look pretty bad and he asked us to give her a blessing. So we gave her a blessing and we noticed that she looked a lot better immediately after. The best part of it was to see the faith that he had in our blessing. He said, I know she'll be better by the morning just because of the blessing that you are going to give her. And the next day she was much better. We then went to the appointment to teach the Sister that has a Baptism date. We asked her the questions for the interview. She answered them all and it was awesome to hear the answers and how she has had great experiences with the Gospel already in her life. She also might not be going on vacation anymore so we might get to Baptize her a little bit earlier.
On Thursday we taught our other investigator with a Baptismal date about the word of wisdom. He was really acceptive. At first we told him the blessing of the Word of Wisdom without explaining anything about what it contained. He asked me if I could tell him what he had to do and he'd do it. So we told him and he said it would hard to let go of coffee. EVERYONE in GUATE says that. They give coffee to babies that's how much they love it. But we gave him some bags of Morecaff. It's a decaff coffee that every member here drinks. They said they would gladly try it. He told us the next day that he had been trying and that they loved it.
Friday we had interviews with the President. It was pretty good. I learned a lot of good things that I am trying to use to make me a better missionary every day. You always feel great and energized after an interview with the President.
Saturday we went to help a family destroy a wall in their house so that they could build a new one. It was awesome. We also had another lesson with Hermano Edgar who we taught about the Word of Wisdom. It was a great lesson about the power of the Lord and how we can use his help in our trials.
Sunday was good. We went to Church and the family we went to pick up was sick! :( It was awful so we passed by another investigators house to pick them up. They were getting ready and they came to the meeting. It was pretty awesome. We also did divisions after Church with the Bishop and elders quorum president. We went to visit a few less active members and it was awesome. The week overall was good. It was a hard week, but it was testimony building. The Church is true. I love you all and hope that you have a good week.  With love from the dirty south.
Elder White
McDonald' delivers in Guatemala

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