Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Que hondas

Whats up fam? It's a good week. I have too much to write and I don't have much time! What?!
Monday we saw a b-ball team from Mississippi in the mall. What where they doing in Guate? Who knows? We then played soccer in the rain
Tuesday we went to paint for service with the other Elders. We painted this house and it was awesome. We also taught our investigator and I made him promise not to drink coffee anymore so he could get Baptized this week. He drank it again... but don't worry. Wait till Sunday message.
Wednesday a sweet family invited us to eat and gave us ridiculous amounts of food and v8 splash and everything it was incredible.
Thursday we had a sports night in the church and some investigators went. I beat the Bishop in ping pong. We've played a few p days and we have a rivalry going. But I always win.
Friday a member gave me pizza cause he owed me from when I got to the church early one day to open it and play soccer with him for morning exercise. I got there before him so he had to buy me pizza. Who thinks they can get to the church before a missionary? We wake up at 6:30. Crazy guy. But then we had a great lesson with the hermana that's getting Baptized this week. Her daughter thought that her husband was going on a mission cause, we brought him some new Church clothes. She was crying. Haha.
Saturday we taught a lesson in a street paca. You have to google a picture of a paca and you'll think its sweet. But we taught the plan of salvation and it was awesome. The lady said she'll pray this week to know if its true. We always went with a convert to teach two lessons. We taught both our baptismal dates and they loved it. It was a good day. Sunday we taught. It was stake conference. It was awesome. We didn't have lunch so I ate peanut butter out of a jar. But the worst part is that I was done with it and I only had a spoon left to eat. So we starved all day. We were going to conference and I prayed for a ride so we wouldn't have to get a bus and break the Sabbath day and as we walked up to the bus a member pulled up and took us. It was awesome. We went with Edgar and gave him a blessing so that he could resist coffee. He told us that he received his answer in the conference and that he knows the church is true. It was a great week.
The church is true!
Love you all,
Elder White

Yummy ice cream

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