Monday, June 10, 2013

Bowling & Baptisms

What's up everyone? It was a pretty solid week. There was a little bit of everything.
First off was Monday. Monday was sweet. We were all waiting for the people to be done using the Internet and then my boy from Sandy, Elder Tuckfield and I were hungry so then we went to the city and ate some hot dogs. Then we all went as a district to go bowling.
Tuesday nothing really happened.
Wednesday not too much passed. The only thing that really happened was that our investigator said that, "When I get to Heaven I´ll tell my Heavenly Father thanks for sending his son Nicholas White to my door."
On Thursday I went to do divisions in the area of our district leader and it was a pretty sweet day.
Friday we went to the pharmacy and I got my ear cleaned out because the q tips I was using broke in my ears apparently and I needed to get them all cleaned out. It was gross. We also visited all of the baptismal dates that we had.
Saturday was a sweet day. We had a wedding in the Church. Our investigators got married so that he could get Baptized! It was awesome! We got to sign in their paper as witnesses and all that good stuff. We then had our baptismal service. I got to baptize Edgar and my comp baptized Glenda. It was awesome. We sang "Families Can Be Together Forever" with the two little girls of the women we baptized.
Sunday was awesome. We got to Church and everything was all normal. Then I confirmed the guy that we baptized (Edgar) and the woman (Glenda) wasn't there yet. During the hymn she walked in and we confirmed her after the hymn. Afterwords we blessed their babies. I blessed the littlest one and my companion blessed the other one. It was a great week and I love you all.
Love, Elder White

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