Friday, September 6, 2013

Jello Sacrament

What's up? I don't have too much time today, but I'll try to make it good. Yes that means you will have to correct my grammar a lot I feel. This week was fast as ever and it was pretty good.
Monday we got invited by a member of another area to go bowling. So he payed and everything. It was really fun.
Tuesday we had divisions and I went with Elder Hughes to his area. He is in his first change. He locked his keys in the house. I was like, you should of got a less safe house so we could get in. We had to go to the other house and stay with the zone leader and the assistant cause, they were in divisions too. haha. 
Wednesday we were ending divise in the Temple. I was walking and heard my name! We saw  another zone and lots of my friends are in it so that was awesome to see them again! I saw my boy Elder Wootton who was with me in Montserrat for 6 months. It was a good day. 
Thursday we carried water and taught a lesson in the sister area to an investigator they are having problems with. We also had dinner with the new family from the states! It was cool. 
Friday we went to visit a man who lives in the mountain of our valley in the area. The thing is we never found his house. But it was an adventure. 
Saturday we did service in the morning and worked the rest of the day. 
Sunday there weren't sacrament cups.... so the branch president's son ran to the store to buy little jello shot things to use. Hahaha. It was quit an adventure. It was testimony meeting and it was awesome to bear my testimony there. I also found out that I have changes. So I will let you know where I am next week.
Love you!
Love, Elder White

Elder White & Elder Wootton

Jello Sacrament

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