Monday, September 16, 2013

Hitting walls and stuff

Hey everyone! This week as pretty good. On Monday we did nothing. Turns out that p-day outside of the capital is awful. It's just sitting in a bus all day. 
Tuesday we had Zone Conference so that was pretty good. We learned about the new standards of the mission and rules and everything. We also did divisions with the Zone Leaders. I stayed in their area and we did an activity with the elders from this part of the zone. We set up tables and stuff in the park and contacted a bunch of people. It was sweet. I then did my first interview as District Leader. It was sweet. It was a little 9 year old girl and she was the cutest. 
Wednesday a convert took us to teach her friends. So we went there and taught them a lesson. We then realized we were in the area of the sisters so we gave them the reference. Lame right? It also poured rain all day. 
Thursday I completed one year in the mission. It's crazy how fast that happens. It was a solid day of hard work. We helped  a family move, contacted a lot. And taught some lessons. I also burned my shirt and my comp burned a sock for his 3 months. Haha! 
Friday we did divisions with the other Elders in our district and not much happened. 
Saturday  I got onto the bus to end divisions and 50 cent in the club is bumping. So I look up and there is a huge TV playing music videos. Outside the capital is weird... We also had some interesting lessons that I will tell you about after the mission...  We also saw a dog get hit by a motorcycle and our investigator went to the branch activity. 
Sunday was a weird day. No one went to church cause it was Independence Day. Literally we had an attendance of 26. We also worked hard. It was a long, long long day. I love you all and I am grateful for the time I have had so far and the time I still have. 

Love you! 

Love, Elder White

With Elder Steed

Remembering 9/11

Elder White burning his shirt to celebrate 1 year in the mission field

Celebrating Guatemala's Independence Day

Monjares Jalapa at its finest

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