Monday, November 25, 2013

La Gran Semana Misionera

This week was mission week in Monjas. There were like two hundred catholic missionaries in town.  
Last Monday we went to the volcano. It was pretty awesome. I'm going to try to send some pictures if the computer works. On the way to the volcano some drunk lady sat by us in the bus and we couldn't wake her up to pay so they finally just took her out and left her in the middle of some town. The crazy stuff that happens in guate. 
Tuesday I completed 14 months and it was just a normal day. 
Wednesday we woke up at 6 to a bunch of noise. So we looked out the window and we saw a bunch of catholics marching behind a nun with flags and praying to her. That's weird right? Or no? We also met the baby of our investigators and we taught them about the plan of salvation. Unfortunately their dates fell through and they didn't come to Church. 
Thursday there hadn't been water in this huge section of Monjas for about three days. So we are walking down the street and everyone is outside in as little clothing as possible with as many buckets as possible waiting for this huge truck of water to pass.  It was a straight up [out of a] movie scene. We also had a branch activity and we got some investigators and inactives there so that was solid. 
Friday we did divisiones with the zone leaders and I stayed with Elder Huayta in my area. We saw the same group of like 100 catholics kneeled down in the street praying to a picture. THE WEEK WAS WEIRD: we also taught two teenagers about the Prophet Thomas S. Monson. They are both solid. 
Saturday nothing good happened. 
Sunday we had some good lessons with two families that we are teaching.  I felt the spirit so strongly in both of the lessons.  It was awesome. The Church is true. I love being a missionary even when it's not working out. 

Love you. 

Love, Elder White

A lot of walking = HUGE BLISTERS!!

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