Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Today we are going to a volcano, so I am writing way early. How was the week you might ask? It was alright.  It was so fast I can't believe it already happened. 
Monday was good...We did nothing fun, but then at night we taught two great lessons. We taught the best lesson I have ever been in as a missionary. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of Baptism. We put two Baptismal dates. But the woman is having her baby right now! That's crazy huh? But it was the greatest lesson I have ever taught. We then taught another family about the Book of Mormon it was a crazy spiritual lesson too. Monday was a great day. 
Tuesday we had zone meeting. ALL DAY SITTING DOWN!!! We were here in Jalapa and out of nowhere a guy yells at me, "are you from salt lake?" I turn around to see a man that is whiter than I am with blond hair. He then explains that he is visiting his wife who lives here. He is from Boston and he is Lorenzo Snow's great grand son!!! He was not raised Mormon however. He ask if I could sell him a Book of Mormon.  I told him no, but that I could give him one. The good thing is he knows Spanish or we would of been out of luck with the Book. So I gave him one and told him to look for the missionaries in Boston. I then said, red sox suck and left it at that. Just kidding I didn't say that. We then taught some lessons and contacted. 
Wednesday we did some service digging holes and building a house so that was fun. We also had a great lesson with our family that has the date. 
Thursday NOTHING. 
Friday we found a family that the two daughters are members, but no one else is.  A family of 7. We are starting to visit them this week. They are really great. We also talked to like 6 dudes in a row that lived in the states. Weird right? 
Saturday we taught another spiritually lesson.  It ended with the sister telling us that she has a true desire to know if Joseph Smith was a Prophet so that's good. We also found a new family. Of 10.  It was a scary lesson a bit. But it was nice. 
Sunday only two came to Church.  It is frustrating working as hard as possible and that people don't do their part to progress. It was a good day though and we had a good lesson with the Perez family. 

Love you all

Love, Elder White

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