Wednesday, November 13, 2013

¿que onda mucha?

What's up? This week was solid. And fast. Monday we did nothing. Once again p-days outside the cap are LAME! I miss the city people. 
Tuesday we did divisions with the other district leader cause in my district there are only sisters. Sister Stay gave me permission to do divisions with the other district leaders. S I went to Asunción Mita. It's a little different. It's like St. George, but not as pretty. I was with Elder Lopez, he was in the MTC with me so it was cool. 
Wednesday we had nothing just some contacting and lessons. 
Thursday we went to visit a guy we contacted. So we get there and he starts going off about his love for the USA. He said, "without the states we are nothing" he then asked us if we believed in the ten commandments. So we taught him and asked him if he had a question or a comment his comment was... "If I had to die for one country in the world, it would be the United States of America". He's nuts. But he's a good guy. I like him at least. We also had a noche de hermanamiento in the house of a less active sister. A family of investigators showed up and they loved it! So that was successful. 
Friday we did divisions with the ZL´S and I stayed in my area with Elder Buckley. We taught the Lima family the restoration and it was great. We also taught the Najara family the Sabbath day and they came to Church yesterday! Two down one to go until they can get baptized! 
Saturday was lame. 
Sunday we witnessed apostasy - a 15 year old teacher blessed the Sacrament and no one thought about it until after. We also had a great lesson with the Perez Family. They are doing great. We just need to get them to Church. This week wasn't too eventful. But I love you all. 
The Church is true. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White  

P.S. did everyone forget about me or what? Write a bro.

Happy Halloween!!!

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