Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ukraine is weak...

I don't know if that is a Seinfeld reference or if I'm talking about the Olympics. But This week was pretty nuts. It went by super fast. 
Monday wasn't p-day so we went back and contacted and had two lessons. It was a pretty solid day. Tuesday was a decent day as well. We had zone counsel which means they just told us stuff we already know and told us to do it. So that was the same as always. It was a bit different this time. They gave us all cards as companionships and each one had something written on it. We all had to teach one principle of the restoration, but we had to apply it to us as a zone or as companionships and include the points on the card. We talk about the restoration. The sisters before us talking about the apostasy and how we can fall into apostasy as missionaries. We talked about  why a restoration is necessary and how we can all experience personal restorations in our missions. It was solid. We also had an awesome lesson with a new family and they understood it perfectly. That's big time news in Monjas when the investigators understand the restoration perfectly. They are an awesome family. 
Wednesday we had a meeting in the capital with all of the trainers and the new missionaries. It was good. We came back in the bus with my old zone like always so that was fun. One of the new kids just walked up to me and was like, Elder white I've heard that you dig Taylor Swift. And I was baffled by the kid, but later I found out how he knew. Turns out we played lax against each other in Vegas in high school. Cool right? We also put a baptismal date with Eduardo for Saturday!
Thursday we went to the Temple. It was awesome. The new video is super sick I won't lie.  I also saw my ward mission leader from Montserrat so that was fun. 
Friday the interview of Eduardo happened. He passed and all. He said he was going to get baptized Saturday at 1. 
Saturday he then said 3 and then said no. So he didn't get baptized and he'll tell us when he will. I says he will he just doesn't know when. 
Sunday another investigator came to Church for the second time so that's good. 
The church is true. This week the fair is in Monjas and it's changed into a crazy city full of people. I love you all. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White

P.S. I like Nicholas more than Nic now

Elder White's "kid" fell asleep during planning

Monjas during the fair

Elder White with a cute little kitten

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