Saturday, February 8, 2014

The P-Day that wasn't

Today isn't P-Day. We're going to the Temple on Tuesday. I feel like I just went when I was in Las Lomas, but it was six months ago. Crazy right? This week was super weird, but it was decent. 
On Monday we went to the Capital. I miss the capital so much. My comp had to go do some paper work stuff. So we left early... or planed to until my kid turned off my alarm clock and went back to sleep. We woke up an hour late and missed our bus. So we went in another bus. Which broke down and left us in the middle of nowhere. So we finally got on one that was passing and we got to the office two hours late. I went to eat with the other Elders that were there so that was fun. We then went to the office to write and we couldn't get a taxi called so we got to the bus station way late. The point is we got home way late and our whole day was spent traveling. 
Tuesday we left with the Branch President for the afternoon because, he wasn't working. It's hard to get him out because of his job so it was good. We had some solid lessons and we found a great new guy named William. We're going to visit him tonight. We also ate some late birthday cake for my birthday so that was cool. 
Wednesday we had a noche de hermanamiento. The Perez family was the only one of our families that came! But they enjoyed it  a lot. So that it good. 
Thursday we finished lunch early and went to the campana in a tuc tuc to visit a sweet family. Then we came back and left with the President again.  We found a  new guy named Jesus that's 20 and he is super cool. 
Friday we taught the Valenzuela family and it was solid, but their problem is going to Church. 
Saturday there was a Baptism of some little kids from the branch so we went to Jalapa. I saw all the friends from the old zone so that was sad.  
Sunday we had some solid lessons. The good part is we taught 19 lessons with member this week. First and last time that will happen in Monjas.
I love you guys. The Church is true. 

Love, Elder White

Eating Birthday cake with Elder Castro

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