Monday, February 17, 2014

Miracles do exist in Monjas

This week was pretty decent. I'd like to start my email off with a quote from my old investigator Eduardo. He said, "Elder White did you know that girl friends don't exist?" And I said "what do you mean?"  "No Elder White, girl friends don't exist. Only girlfriends and acquaintances.  No more questions." This was the argument he used to tell me that friends didn't exist either. 
So the week was way too fast! It was the sixth and final week of the change. 
On Monday we went to the volcano in Ipala. It was my second time and it was pretty fun. I might have gotten a little bit sunburned, but that's chill. We also had a great lesson with our investigator Josué. He is super sick and I am sure he will get Baptized in this change. 
Tuesday we  had a pretty slow day. By that I mean we contacted a lot and stuff. 
Wednesday I woke up at four in the morning throwing up and sick and everything. It was rough. We also had a solid conference with Elder Ochoa from the 70. It was a three zone conference. With the three zones from outside of the Capital. He taught us some really good things. He said something that really touched me. He said, "Elders and Sisters there isn't anyone outside of this building that doesn't deserve to receive the Gospel." I also completed 17 months so that was crazy fast. 
Thursday we taught Josué and invited him to be Baptized. He pulled out the "does my Baptism in the Evangelical Church not count?" And we read in Acts about those who were Baptized without receiving the Holy Ghost and got re-baptized. He then said, "my baptism wasn't valid then." It was great. He did not however accept a date, but he said he will do it. So this change he will become the newest member of the branch I'm sure. We also got cake from our investigator Eduardo because, it was his 19th birthday. We taught another awesome family about the Book of Mormon. The Pallez Family and Josué are the two best investigators when it comes to understanding things that I have had in Monjas. They understand everything perfectly. 
Friday we got the confirmation from Eduardo that he would be Baptized. At 6:00 we left in the bus to Jalapa and he was Baptized at 7. This is where the miracles come in. I never thought I would see the day that he would actually take the decision to do it. He always said yes, but one day. After doing all we could for these three changes with Walton and Castro he finally did it. And after all of the fasting and prayers and sleeplessness it all changes with a simple question that the Spirit put into my heart. 
On Thursday I simply asked him "Eduardo why do you think that we want you to get Baptized." He thought about it and said he wasn't sure. The answer I gave was with all of my heart when I said, "we want you to get Baptized because we love you and we want you to have the joy that we have received through this Gospel. It's not to fill up a paper or to have one more convert. It's because I love you Eduardo and I want you to live with me in Heaven."  He just sat speechless and made the decision. The simplest testimony. Like President Uchtdorf said, sometimes a simple phrase of testimony can set events into motion that change a persons life for eternity. Never doubt the spirit and the power of the things it whispers to us. I never will again. 
Saturday Nothing
Sunday was decent. We had Church and Eduardo got confirmed and got the Priesthood. The Branch President moves faster than a 16 year old boy when he finds out his crush broke up with her boyfriend, but I'm down. We also put a date with his little sister for this Saturday. My companion was supposed to do it, but he didn't so I did and after I made him try to put one in a door contact. Haha. The man didn't accept it. We also got the call and I have changes. I will be leaving Monjas Tomorrow and probably the state of Jalapa for a very long time. Like until I come back to visit Guatemala after my Mission. But I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to be in this beautiful little city. It has been great and I can honestly say that I know I did all that I could to help the kingdom of God grow in Monjas, Jalapa. 
The Church is true Brothers and Sisters. Who knows where I'll write from next week. 
I love you all. With much love. 

Elder Nicholas David White 

17 Months

Elder White & Elder Steed

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