Monday, April 28, 2014

This place isn't called Miracle for nothing

What's up guys? How was your Earth Day? Mine had to be the worst Earth Day every, but it was chill. 
Monday we went to drop off some papers to the lawyer in Montserrat. So that was awesome to go back and see a bunch of the peeps from over there. We also watched the Joseph Smith movie with this part family. It was a solid movie time. 
Tuesday we didn't have to much go on. It was just Earth Day, but other than that it was lame. 
Wednesday we did divisions in Carolingia. I went there with Elder Clyde... Payson City throw it up..... We had tons of good lessons with member and all that jazz. But my comp and I had planned to put some fechas in the divisions to help the other area out with their fecha putting skills. It was awesome cause I put one in Carolingia and my comp put one in our area with William. It was a solid divisions. 
On Thursday we taught the Perez Family. We pretty much just reviewed everything again with Ingrid because, she was the only one who hadn't already had her interview. So that was cool. The rest of the day wasn't that great. 
Friday was a swell day. We did divisions with the zone leaders so that they could interview Ingrid. I stayed in Econ√≤mica with Elder Tuckfield. SANDYCITYPRIDE. I'd like to note that Jordan high school still sucks, but it was chill being with a fellow sandyteco for the day. We had some lessons. Ingrid passed her interview and we taught the Santos Family in the house of the Diaz Family (the family that got baptized on the 29th of March) Turns out that they are the greatest fellowshippers I have ever seen. It was an incredible lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They killed it with all of their experiences and testimonies. That family truly is chosen. 
Saturday we went to the Church to fill up the font so that it was all ready for Sunday. After that we went to a bunch of lessons. One of the ward members got married which meant that no one cold leave with us cause, they were all at the wedding and the after party. That was lame! But other than that it was a good day. We taught some lessons and found a new family. The Sucuqui Family. They are a couple of about twenty nine year olds. We taught them the first lesson and they just accepted it as truth without questioning it. The rest of the day wasn't so hot though. We also helped the Diaz Family to prepare their talks they gave at the Baptism. 
Sunday was awesome! We woke up and passed by for everyone. Only six went to Church, but it got better. At Church we were greeting everyone and handing out invitations to the Baptism and a member came up to us and explained that her and her husband got divorced awhile ago and she went inactive for a little bit, but that she has  a year to be back in the Church and that she wants us to Baptize her 10 year old daughter who hasn't been baptized yet. So that was awesome. We then had a solid Church sesh. After Church we ate lunch and went to find some contacts before the wedding and Baptism started. We didn't find them. But I had the feeling to knock this door in the area. We knocked it and a shirtless man answered and without thinking twice told us to come in. Turns out he is a member and has been for about 17 years. He moved to Carranze 3 years ago and went inactive. His wife isn't a member. So we taught them the Plan of Salvation and the lesson ended about 15 minutes before the wedding. We invited them to the wedding and ran to the Church,. Guess who came. THEY DID!!! The first thing I did when the Diaz Family got there was sick them on the new family and they were killing it. The wedding was super awesome and the Baptism was great. Almost the whole ward came so that was solid. This week was awesome and I am grateful that God gave me the chance to see so many miracles. I am grateful that I have that chance every single day. I know that the Church is true. I love the Gospel and I love missionary work. I love you all. Happy B-Day shout out to Ash this week. 

Love you guys. 

Love, Elder Nicholas David White

Being a witness at the wedding


The plaques in Monserrat

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