Monday, August 4, 2014

Hay que tomar... pero las cosas enserio... QUote form my boy sergio to a drunk in the street

Hey guys! What's up? How was your week? Mine was good. We had a solid Monday we went to the mall and we also found a new family, but even though they appeared super pilas they are crazy.... 
Tuesday we taught our boy Neftali. He is about 72 and the dad of a member he was going to get Baptized in 1985, but he wasn't married and living with someone so he couldn't. He has been awesome and is getting Baptized this Saturday. We also taught this girl we have been teaching and she was actually super pilas this time, but on Wednesday and Thursday she failed us so we had to drop her. 
Wednesday I had divisions with my boy Elder Chavez we killed it. It was classic. He's super dope. 
Thursday the family from Monday spoke pure apostasy to us and we made them look dumb with scriptures from the Bible and then we decided they aren't really going to progress too well. So they have one last chance this week. We also have left with Oscar like everyday. It's sweet to see his excitement while getting ready to go on his mission. Great guy.  
On Saturday we taught the Dad of our boy Dorian who goes with us like everyday. He is cool. He just has some problems, but he can progress.  
Sunday was a good day. We found a new family. We also had our boy Neftali super excited at Church when they announced his Baptism this week. He stood up and everything. It was classic. He's one of the coolest people I've ever met. I honestly think that the reason I am here in La Justo is to meet these awesome members and investigators that have helped me to keep the spirit of work I've always had here in the mission. 
We also gave our investigator chicote with Alma 32: 16 and 19 and D&D and it worked. He's actually progressing and went to Church now.  I love you all. The Church is true. 

Elder White

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