Monday, November 19, 2012

Nueva Montserrat

We didn't go to the Mission Home Tuesday. We went straight to transfers meeting and then we went to our areas. It was crazy. My area is in the City and Mixco which is the second biggest city in Guatemala. It's a lot different than anything I've ever seen, but the ward is beautiful. The people of Guatemala are beautiful. They are the most humble people I've ever seen. They're awesome. Spanish is kind of hard at times. I won't understand anything in a lesson and then I'll understand everything in the next one. It's kind of hard to get in on conversations, but other than that Spanish is going well. My companion is Elder Mejia. He's from Honduras. He doesn't speak a lot of English, but he's an awesome guy. It's a bit of an adjustment in Guate. But I have a great ward, zone, and companion so it will all be alright. Our ward is great. We have some good investigators. But you can always have more! We have a baptism this Saturday! With Jorger! His Family are members. I love his family. The greatest moments I've had in Guatemala are in his home with him and his Family. My first night we read the Book of Mormon with them. Another one is Hermano Donnerick. He's our ward mission leader. His Family is awesome. I finally have a little Brother!!! His son. He loves missionaries. All the little kids love Missionaries. Their babies will just stare at us and touch us. They know were different than everyone else. Its been a crazy week, but a good one. My mission seems pretty awesome. One of our other members is a Sister that is a convert that is only a convert of a few months and she can't read and we teach her how to pray everyday cause, sometimes she forgets. She's awesome. She is the most humble person ever. She lives in a one room house and she is awesome. Wednesday I broke our toilet in our house. I was using it and I leaned over and it just came out of the ground and tipped over. It was a bit crazy. But our neighbor fixed it. Anyways, it's been a crazy week. Not much has happened, but like President Monson says, ¨beautiful glorious things are in store. If you can only wait and endure.¨ I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving this week! I can tell you how grateful I am for everything I had growing up. Especially my Family. I will pull a JD and never leave our house or Utah again in two years. Love you all. Pray for us Congrats on the mission calls everyone! That is always the best seeing all of those on here! .


Elder White

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