Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ultimo Semana!

Guys I only have 9 minutes to write this so it'll be rough. But next week!! I want some protein and power bars for Christmas too. I've lost 14 pounds in Guate! ;( Not enough food here for "Nortes".
This week was awesome! Tuesday we went proselyting and it was awesome! We got a
lot of contacts and a lot of appointments for other missionaries. Lots of people were really interested. I have a story for your talk Mom! I'll send it to you next week.

Wednesday was the huge earthquake in Guate! It wasn't in the city and no one here was hurt. It did shake the MTC for about 2 minutes though. It was awesome. But kinda scary. But were all fine so don't worry. Thursday we got DearElders. I got ones from Mom and Jeri! I got emails saying I got other ones from a few people, but I didn't get them!!! So we'll see what happens I guess.
This week has been kind of dull, but awesome. Next Monday I'll have more time to write, but I'll leave you with a quick story on prayer. Proselyting Tuesday Whitaker and I met this man sitting on the curb. We asked how he was doing and he said awful. We then asked why and he mumbled something in Spanish that we couldn't understand. Whitaker then felt prompted that we should have him pray. We taught him how to pray not out of repetition, lots of people here only know repeated prayers because, that's how they do it in their religions. Whitaker said he'd show him how and then he could. We said a prayer and he started right before we ended. He then kept going for a few minutes. When he finished we asked how he felt I asked him if he felt peace and he said he felt peace, joy, and happiness. After we taught him a whole lesson on the curb and set up another appointment for other elders to teach
him. Always remember friends and family. I know with all of my heart how important prayer is. Prayer will legitimately change your night to day. I know from experiences you might not ever know. But I know. I've seen it touch so many lives already. And I know I'll watch it touch
more. Remember as Elder Holland said in my favorite talk "Laborers in the Vineyard" no matter how far beyond the reach of God's grace you feel you've fallen. You are never too far for the gift of the Atonement. I love you all. Pray always. Talk to you next week.


Elder Nicholas David White

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