Monday, November 26, 2012

Nueva Montserrat Week Two

Hey guys! I don't have much time cause, my computer wasn't working forever! It was frustrating. But here it goes.
Monday - Monday was my first p day in the field. We went to eat McDonald's and we went to meggapacca. It's like D.I. and Ross combined. It's pretty sweet. We also had Noche de Hoghar  (Family Home Evening) with my ward mission leaders family. I love them a lot. They're awesome.
Tuesday - We had a few appointments. One with our investigator who is 13 and her Grandpa won't let her get baptized but for Christmas she is asking for permission to get baptized. She's awesome.
Thursday - Thursday we had another Noche de Hogar with a family that lived in Utah! Weird, huh? But now they live here again. After, we went to watch a movie about the Temple with a convert. He was so excited. I loved it. He walked us home because, he loves being with missionaries so much.
Friday - Friday I had divisions with Elder Brown in Mixco. Their area is so sick. We had tons of lessons. One house had dirt floors and only one room with two beds made out of boxes and a tin roof. It was beautiful. The little girls there ran up and jumped on us when we got their and grabbed our hands and ran us to their house. They love Elders. When we left, they gave us kisses on our hands and walked us out. Guatemala has the cutest kids ever! It was funny cause their ward mission leader would introduce us as "los colores", Elder Cafe (Brown) and Elder Blanco (White). I loved it.
Saturday - Saturday was great! We had a baptism service. I didn't get to do it cause the guy in the ward finished his test at university in time for it, but it was still awesome. Also Saturday Night two other investigators asked to be baptized! We got them a date for their wedding, cause they have to get married first cause they live together, and the same day for their baptism. December 15th!!! They're awesome and I'm way excited for them.
Sunday - The primary program. It was way funny hearing all of the songs in Spanish for the first time. The little kids were way funny. They killed it.
The Church is still true and that will never change. Congrats to my Mom on killing it in her talk about me on Sunday! And congrats to my boys Gonz and Mitchell Daw for getting their calls! I love you guys all. I want to share with you something. A lot of members here are converts and they always share their stories with us and to them, missionaries mean the world. Growing up in Utah we never really see missionaries as that big of a thing cause, we just see them at Church. But they love them here. Since being here I've become more grateful for everything I've had my whole life. The people here don't have those things. But they have the two most important. The Gospel and Family. Until next week. Love you all.

Elder White
Elder Mejia, Jorger & Elder White
Jorger's Baptism Day
November 24, 2012

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