Monday, January 28, 2013

Nacimiento & Stuff

Hey everyone! This week was a pretty solid week!
Tuesday - We had the opportunity to help a sister in the ward move. We moved all of her stuff from her basement to her roof. It was nuts. It was a good time though.
Wednesday - I had divisions in Mixco so that the district leader could interview the family that we baptized. Elder Brown bought me a birthday cake to eat with their mission leader. It was a pretty good day.
Thursday - Thursday was my birthday. I'm way old now. It feels way weird. But it was a good day. We were on divisions with the other companinship in the area and we went to our lesson with the investigator we have who is an english teacher. We taught the lesson in English and it was sweet. It was hard actually teaching, but the testifying was more in depth and I loved it. We could express our testimonies in a more specific way. It was awesome. Then stopped by after all our lessons to eat cake and a pizza with my mission leader. It was awesome! And Hermana Stay called to wish me a happy birthday! It was a good day.
Friday - Friday when we went running we threw the boomerang this member gave us. It kind of worked. It was way funny cause it landed on a house and then we knocked the door and it was a member.
Saturday - Saturday we had a baptism. It was awesome! A family! I got to have the experience of baptizing for the first time! We'd had other baptisms, but I hadn't actually performed the ordinance! It was an incredible feeling. I was just happy all day and all night. I loved it so much. There is no better feeling I don't think.
Sunday - Sunday we had Church and everything like usual. And we got a returned missionary of a year in the ward to come with us to our lessons. Its great when you get some great members to come. It really helps the lessons a lot. It was a good week.
Congrats to Callie and Ally on your mission calls! Love you guys. You'll do great.
The Church is true.
Elder White
Elder White & Elder Mejia
Elder White's first Baptism on January 26, 2013
Happy Birthday Elder White
The BIG 2-0
Elder White & Elder Wootton
Beautiful Mixco....NOT!
Elder White & Elder Wootton
with their "trophies"
Viva Mixco!


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