Monday, April 29, 2013

No me digas que no

Fam! What it do? This week was nuts. But it was a good week. I'll start of by telling you that I've had 4 comps this week so it's been nuts.
On Monday we had a lesson with the Family Ijom that we were trying to get dates with. I felt a really strong impression just to teach about faith and not even mention Baptism. So we taught about faith. The Hermano told us that he would get Baptized! And yesterday we Baptized him! His wife is still a work in progress, but this month I'll help her out! The next day when we went to do the interview his ten year old daughter that we baptized two weeks ago told me that she was up all night on Sunday praying for her Dad. It was awesome to hear about the faith of a little girl and the love and trust that she has in her Heavenly Father. On Tuesday Elder Hollingsworth came to do the interview for Hermano Vicente. We went with him to another area to do the interview there and after we came back for ours. Hermano Vicente passed it and it was awesome. The secretaries also came and took away my kid so that he could go to the MTC in the DR. So I was in a trio with the other two elders in the area.
On Thursday we were going crazy trying to visit our investigators and theirs and all of them at the same time so we did 3 way divisions with members. It was pretty crazy.
On Friday I got my new comp. Elder Avila from Santa Rosa, Guatemala. Hes' a stud. He's going to go into the MTC here in Guate this week. Z Rod look out for my kid. I think he'll be the first elder ever to enter the MTC with a Baptism in the field haha. But we were walking to a lesson and we stopped to buy burgers in this street cart. The lady gave me free ones. That's the perks of being in an area for so long is that everyone knows you. But it's also hard that way too.
Saturday we did service by helping set up a fiesta of the young single adults in the stake center. It was crazy. We also worked taking tickets at it. After we had a lesson with Hermano Edgar. He is reading and has been developing his testimony he has to get married so he can get Baptized, but his wife doesn't like the Church too much. So I need all your help again. It worked last time so please pray for the Alonso Family.
Sunday was awesome. We went to Church and had a great time like usual. Right after Church was over I had the privilege of leading an amazing man into the font and Baptizing him in front of most of the ward. It took months of teaching him, praying for him countless times a day, and fasting for him, but he made it there. It was one of the best Baptismal experiences that I have had. We also helped the cutest little girl ever with her English homework and her math. It was sweet. Don't worry she's 8. We also had dinner with the Bishop. He invited us to eat because, it is cambios this week and he has completed six years to be Bishop. I do not have cambios however. So I will be here for at least 7 months. It's cool cause, I love Monteserrat. This week was stressful and hard, but incredible. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of God. It was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I love the gospel and I look forward to living it all my life.  Love you all.
Love, Elder Nicholas David 
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