Monday, April 22, 2013

Life as a Father

This week was fast as everything and it wasn't that eventful. But it was a good week. 
On Tuesday we did some service in the morning and painted the doors of a house for some non- members. It was a good opportunity to preach the Gospel through action. 
On Wednesday we went to our appointments with a hermano in our ward and he really helped to bring a lot of Spirit with us. Our investigator told us that he had had a dream about a dead person giving him a key. I told him that I thought it was maybe a family member giving him a key to open the door to baptism for them and that they were waiting for him to do their work in the Temple. He has one problem to overcome before his Baptism. He has to get married, but his wife doesn't like the Church so she won't get married to him in the Church. It's complicated. But he has quit smoking so that's really good. 
On Friday we went to visit a less active member with our counselor and his girlfriend was there receiving lessons about the Church. She is a Jehovas Witness. It was a crazy lesson because, everything she just took to some other crazy path about nothing, but it was a good time. 
On Saturday we went to the Temple with our recent convert (Evelin) and her family. They need to get baptized! But they told us that tonight is the night that they will have their decision on getting baptized this Saturday or not. It was awesome to show them the Temple and to feel the Spirit there. I left a package at the MTC for Elder Rodgerson. I saw three districts of Elders, but I didn't see his! It was close though. 
The Church is true and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I have to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ everyday. 

Love you all.

Love, Elder White

Siete Meses

Evelin and her Family with Elder White at the Guatemala City Temple
April 20, 2013

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