Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Whats up everyone? I have limited time and not that much great happened in the week. I'll tell you in short. We beat a member in ping pong on p-day and he bought us all hot dogs! It was sweet. We also help a member do an interview in English for his English class. He taught a lot of lessons to our investigators and we have a lot of potential growth here.
Now for the part I want to use my time to talk about... Conference. We watched all 5 sessions here in the Church. It was awesome. In the world report it showed the CCM chapel and the Chapel where we have change meetings with Elder Christopherson. He came here to talk to us in that Chapel in January. I got a huge theme from conference. Stand strong in the Gospel of Christ. Why? Because, like Elder Hales said, ¨We are living in the last days¨. How do we stand strong in the Gospel? Like a lot of talks said, by being strong and honoring our Priesthood. The priesthood in the boy is just as strong as the priesthood in the man when it is exercised in righteousness. We need to like Elder Davies said, "Anchor our lives in Jesus Christ". This means we need to more fully live the Gospel. Like my boy Elder Falabella!  His Sister is in my Ward here in Guate! He taught his wife the Gospel, but she taught him to live it.  Live the Gospel. It isn't enough to know it or read it. LIVE IT. Like Elder Scott said, "Life planted in the Gospel will bring you peace and happiness. There will be troubles, but you will find peace".
I've found that my life more planted in the Gospel is a lot harder than my life before, but I have never been as happy as I have been living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can also do this by preaching the Gospel. Like Elder Anderson said, "If you don't have a missionary name tag pinned on your shirt, paint one on your heart". Please members, HELP YOUR MISSIONARIES. There is nothing more upsetting or disappointing to a missionary than when a member won't help. When they don't have the love sufficient to wish that others can have the blessings they have been given in the Church. HELP YOUR MISSIONARIES! Preach the Gospel. Joseph Smith said, "when all is said and done, the most important work is to Preach the Gospel". You don't have to be a missionary to be a missionary. Share what you know. If you don't have the faith its okay. Elder Holland said, "If you feel you don't have enough faith, feel free to lean on mine".
Be examples. Be Mormons. Don't ever be ashamed to stand up for your Church. The Lord isn't ashamed in you. Don't be ashamed in him. He loves you and needs you. Like Elder Uchtdorf said. I have much more, but not the time to write it. But I'd like to share, like Sister Wixom said, my twenty five words.
The Church is true. These things are important. Share the Gospel. Live the Gospel. Have faith. Be an example to all people. Serve the Lord.
I love you all. Good luck to my friend Z and Colby with farewells this week.  Happy Birthday today to Spencer Thomas. Happy birthday Wednesday to my hero David White. My Father, I love you.

Elder White

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