Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pila Showers

Whats up Utah? Well this week was pretty chillero,  I won't lie. 
Monday we went to go bowling in the mall in another zone and I got to see my best mission friend Elder Steed and wish him a happy Canada day in person. I know right? We also were on the way to a lesson in the night and stopped to buy hot dogs in the street and talked with the man. It turned out that his wife is a member and that we know her. The bad news is that he wants nothing with the Church at all. But at least we saw how always preaching opens up doors. 
On Tuesday I went in divisions to Santa Catarina Pinula with our zone leader. It was pretty good. It's always cool to get to know a new area. 
Wednesday we contacted... a lot. These little kids in the street started yelling really bad words at us in English. So we were like, hey get your parents so we can tell them about this. And we contacted their family. 
On Thursday it was the birthday of the greatest country in the world. But we just worked hard and I did nothing fun. I did listen to the Motab America CD though. 
On Friday we discovered that our buckets were still full of our clothes that we were washing and our shower is broken so we had to start showering outside.... Chafa right? So we shower from the pila now. Haha. We also had divise with the other district leader and we had a good time. We found out that our member gave rat poison to our investigators dog... Great fellow shipping right? I was s o mad! But it was a solid day. 
Saturday We did it big. We found 3 new families. We taught them all about the Plan of Salvation and we put appointments for this week.  It also poured rain and our area is all hills so the streets were like rivers. It was sweet. 
Sunday was testimony meeting. We both bore our testimonies so that was good. We also went to do a baptismal interview and I taught a lesson to the other missionaries investigator. It was a great week. Love you all.

 Love, Elder White

Elder White's shower.
He has to shower outside every day because the shower
in his house is broken.

 A license plate Elder White found in the home of 
a member while on divisions.

Representing the U.S.A. on July 4, 2013

Guatemala City Temple
Elder White's view on P-day

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