Monday, July 1, 2013

There's a drought in our shower

Whats up fam? This week was chill.
Monday my comp had his final interview so I had to go the office! But Elder Kunde was there and he was telling me all the stuff that has happened in Utah since I left. Haha, it was a good time. 
Tuesday I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish... I read the whole thing out loud. It was an incredible experience. Also in the mission when I started they asked us to highlight and underline every time that it says or refers to God or Jesus Christ as we read. So my Book of Mormon has a crazy amount of lines. It helps to focus on the fact that the Book of Mormon testifies of Jesus Christ. I also had the great opportunity to kneel down and ask if it was true. I was glad to receive yet another answer to my prayers. 
On Wednesday we had to go to the White House to drop off my comp at 8:30 at night. A member from my first area is a taxi driver and came to take us. It was sweet! I also killed my comp. I got a new one. His name is Elder Pineda and he is from Mexico! 
Thursday We just worked hard all day. It was a great day. But nothing too great happened. 
Friday we had zone conference with 4 zones. Including my old zone and the zone of my best friend in the mission. So I got to see everyone! It was sweet! We learned a ton of great stuff. I always love conferences. 
Saturday we didn't have water so we started showering with buckets and cups and to this day we still do it. Its been a few days without water. Haha. We went contacting in a bunch of the alleys in our area and the houses are way close so my comp would knock one door and I would knock the other. Good plan right? Except for when we knocked two and both people came out so we ended up teaching mini lessons in the street solos. Haha It was a good time though.  I also can say that I am a real missionary because.... I got bit by a dog. 
Sunday was a good day. I gave a talk about the Book of Mormon in sacrament meeting. So I ended up blessing the sacrament, walking to the pulpit and talking and then after sacrament teaching the youth class. The good old branch life. We also left to visit with the President. It was a good week and I love the opportunity I have to serve in Las Lomas and in the country of Guatemala! The Church is True. 

With love from Guate. City...... Elder White

Elder White is a "real" missionary now because
he has been bitten by a dog

Jungle Fever

Elder White & Elder Pineda

This is how they shower in Elder White's apartment

Elder White & Elder Steed
9 months

This is how you eat chicken in Guate

Elder Pineda is studying hard

Elder White knocking a door in Las Lomas Guatemala
He was rejected....but at least he tried!

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