Saturday, July 20, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

The name of the email will be explained as you read this and realize that I live near a place called Las Vegas. This week was pretty sweet. 
Monday was pretty chill. On Monday we had a quality day. We got interrupted though by the Missionaries from the MTC so my email got cut off. What? But then we went to play some pool and get my hair cut so it was a good P Day. 
Nothing happened Tuesday.
Wednesday we had Zone Meeting.  It was pretty good. I learned a lot of good stuff. We also had a sweet Family Night with a family in our ward and their neighbor. 
Thursday= We we woke up and carried water for a sister who doesn't have it in her house. We then studied and ate lunch and everything and afterwords we went to contact this valley in our area that's called, yeah you guessed it, Las Vegas. It`s full of people and even more full of "choo chos",  better known as dogs.  It was a good time and we contacted a lot of great people.  I have definitely seen the blessing of contacting in my mission seeing as how all of my baptisms have been contacts except for two. So I love doing it.  We also helped a little kid who was shoveling rocks into a wheel barrow all alone in the pouring rain to do it faster. 
Friday we taught a new family and it was a great lesson. I also hit the ten month mark.... So that was good. It doesn't seem like it at all. Happy ten months Lilly!!!
Saturday we helped a lady carry 200 blocks down three hills into her house. Just us two. It was pretty solid service I'd say. It was definitely tiring though. 
Sunday we did divisions to go bring investigators to Church. During sacrament a car pulled up outside and started playing a rap song way loud and it was awful. We also found a bag in our house full of references from when my district went contacting in my area 9 months ago in the MTC. Including cards that I wrote. Cool huh? We also had a lesson with a new family and the sister just commented us on how she could see the Spirit of God in us the whole lesson it was sweet.  
Well the Church is True and nothing can ever change that. Love you all. 

Love, Elder Nicholas David White

Shout out to Notre Dame

Preaching in Las Vegas

Elder White & his Companion
Playing pool and bowling on P-Day

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