Monday, July 22, 2013

Guate's .... crackin'?

What up family? This week was kind of boring, but it was good because, I served the Lord. Monday we went bowling for p-day and it was way too fun. I won by the way so I'm getting pretty good at it. We then went to the mall to look around and all that stuff. 
Tuesday we taught the Restoration to a new family and it was a great lesson with lots of Spirit. Last night we were going to challenge them to Baptism, but the mom was sick so we had to cancel the appointment. We also contacted. A Lot. That's what you gotta do when you inherit an area with no investigators. 
Wednesday we taught a lesson on the cliff in front of investigators house. It was pretty sweet cause, it was right as the sun was going down and it was pretty cool.  We also got to eat dinner with a member and she was telling us how she got baptized and it was the craziest baptism story I have ever heard. She just went to her boyfriends Baptism and the missionaries were like want to get Baptized too? And she just said yes. So she got Baptized. 30 years later she is the most faithful member of the branch and her husband is inactive and they are separated. Crazy huh? We also taught another great lesson. 
Thursday morning we did service early and carried water for our member that doesn't get it in her house. We also did divisions with the ZL`s. We had a great family night with a member family. Even though their invite did not come. It was a great lesson and spirit. 
Friday we had divisions again with other missionaries. It was pretty fun I guess. Its also better to be in your area with your comp, but its cool to do divisions too. . We also got a refreshment from a member and it was great. 
Saturday we had our first lesson with a new family. It was pouring rain and we had to yell cause the roof is made of laminate like most in our area, including ours, it's hard to sleep! But it was a good lesson. 
Sunday we went to the house of every investigator to get them. We only got one into the Church. We also moved everything in our house, because, it`s  a new change so we changed the house. We also found out that one of the senior missionaries in the branch opened up Tremonton when he was in his mission! Cool huh? 
Happy B Day this week to Harrison Cutler and to some boys in the mish.  Well sometimes there is a lot going on and sometimes nothing, but the Church is always true. Jesus died for us and he knows how we feel and everything that ever happens to us. I love my Lord and his Church. The Church is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

With much love, Elder Nicholas White

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