Saturday, August 24, 2013

Me encanta ver el templo un dia ir podre

What`s up Family? This week was alright. We started off on Monday by working all day. It was weird cause, Monday is always P-Day, but last week no. It was also the day that I completed 11 months. It's insane to think about that! In the night we had a Family Night with the sister that feeds us everyday and her brother and his wife. They are not members. We taught the 3rd lesson the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we did it with a bunch of pictures and we made cards to pass out that had scriptures. Everyone had a card and a scripture to look up. They then had to read it and tell us what it was about. It was an awesome Family Night. 
Tuesday we had a solid day. We had interviews with President and Sister Stay. It was a good time. Sister Stay told us all to bring a miracle to tell her. One that we have lived as missionaries. The reason was to make us think because, a  lot of times we don't think that we see miracles. My miracle was the story of the last man I baptized in Montserrat. He couldn't stop drinking coffee. He literally almost died the first time he tried. He had been drinking it everyday of his life for about twenty five years. He then asked me for a blessing so that he could get baptized before I left because, he wanted me to baptize him. I gave him a blessing and he stopped... about 5 days later he was baptized. This man had quit smoking and drinking coffee. I think that that was a miracle. I also shared a part of my patriarchal blessing with her. It says "you will see miracles take place under your hands as you pronounce priesthood blessings". It is incredible the power of the priesthood. We also taught our family with a baptismal date and we showed them and gave them a teaching record so that they can see their progress. 
Wednesday was P Day! We went to the Temple. It was my first time since February and it was incredible! I felt the spirit and I received answers to my prayers. We also went to the zoo for our district activity! We can never go Mondays cause it's closed. So I finally got to go. It  was pretty awesome. I shook a monkey`s hand. In the night time we taught a new investigator on her porch. I don`t think her family likes Mormons very much, but it was a solid lesson. 
Thursday We had divisions with the ZL's and I got to go to their ward activity. I won a game of musical chairs. 
Friday we were teaching Alma and Juan, our baptismal dates, and the lights went out because of the rain. Their roof is also made of tin so it was crazy. We had to yell to teach them. It was a good lesson however. 
Saturday we taught 7 lessons. It was a solid day. And we also got fed dinner for the sealing of a family from the branch. 
Sunday we went to church and in Sunday school I was teaching so I had the teenagers go into the Primary and teach them. Cause the best way to learn is to do right? It was a solid lesson. They actually did better than I thought.  We also taught our [baptismal] dates and we were going to watch the Restoration movie, but it didn't work. I prayed silently that it would work and it still didn't work. God still answered my prayer, but with a no. I wondered why. Then Juan's brother knocked on the door and came in. We taught them about the Book of Mormon and his Brother was fascinated. God made the movie not work so that his brother would find the Book of Mormon. 
The Church is true. I love you all.

Love you Family.

Love, Elder Nicholas David White

Zoo Time Swagger

Shaking hands with a monkey

The Quetzal in it's natural habitat

Two cuties, imitating Elder White & Elder Pineda

Two brothers, Two missions,
One Country

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