Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Disculpame vos

Hey sorry for last week. The CCM cut off my internet time! I was upset, but it`s all good. This week was solid, but it was kind of boring. Not too much great stuff happened. But I`ll give it to you. 
Monday we played pool like usual. It was a solid p-day. In the night time we contacted until it was time to go back to the house. 
Tuesday we also contacted a ton. We then had a lesson with our investigator that wants to get baptized, but she`s only 17 and her mom won't let her! We read the Book of Mormon cause, we already taught her everything. It was a pretty solid lesson. It`s good that she is now reading. 
Wednesday we carried water in the morning for service and from there on out it was a normal day. 
Thursday was straight up visiting in-actives and contacting and it was not a good day. 
Friday we had a solid day. We did divisions with the Zone Leaders. So Elder Resindez came with me to Las Lomas and my comp went to Santa Catirina Pinula. I still had a comp from Mexico so it wasn't too different. haha. We had a good lesson and got a family to commit to baptism, but not to the date yet. We will put the date this week! It was a great lesson however, they didn't go to Church so we have to change the original date we had planned out. My shoe also cut my foot and I took it off to look at it. As I did this Resindez touched the doorbell and  a women came to the door. I had to contact her and have a good ten minute door lesson without a shoe on. I know right? It was pretty funny though. 
Saturday we got invited by a women who was getting baptized to go to her baptism here in the area of the sisters. So we came. It was a great service and I can`t wait to get back into the font after seeing it!!! I miss baptisms! 
Sunday we did visits with the branch president so it was a solid day. 

The Church is true. Love you all. 

Love, Elder White

Like Joshua says...we serve the Lord

When half of the bus is cursed...

Thumb wars at lunch

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