Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 5...

Hey family whats up? This last week was not too exciting. It was not too great. But it is now over. 
Monday we had p-day. Right after we finished using the Internet the power went out 5 times on the other district while they were writing. It was pretty funny I won't lie. We also stopped by the office and found the senior couple from our branch there. They went home on Wednesday, it was one of their last days. We reminded them that they never invited us to dinner... so they took us to Wendy's. Awesome right? We also went to a Family Night with a member that invited us over. We shared a lesson from the Ensign. A talk from the Prophet and it was awesome. 
Tuesday we had divisions and nothing happened. 
Wednesday We had some good lessons. One with an investigator that can't get baptized cause of her mom. It was a good lesson however. 
Thursday we carried water in the morning. Also after lunch the little girl that lives in the house where we eat didn't want to take a bath. So her mom told us to throw water on her. It was way funny. She came back for revenge, but didn't get me. We also taught our baptismal dates about the word of wisdom and they have some problems there. They also didn't come to Church so it looks like they will not be getting baptized on Sunday. 
Friday we visited a family that never progressed and asked for references. They took us to their neighbors to introduce us. It was good. 
Saturday we went to take pictures at the ceremony in the Church for the 15 years of the Branch Presidents daughter. 
Sunday was alright. I gave  a talk about missionary work and we also ate cake at lunch. We taught the family with the baptismal dates and they have problems understanding the Priesthood Authority. So it will be much more difficult than it was.  

The Church is true! 

Love, Elder White

John 3:16

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