Friday, August 16, 2013

The P-Day that wasn't.....

Hey what`s up Family? Please correct all the errors I will make in this email before sending it out. I am in a hurry!  Today is kind of my P-Day, but not really. I only get to write and then have district meeting and then we work like normal. Weird right? This Wednesday we are going to the Temple so that`s why it`s all messed up like that. But I`m excited to go! The last time was in Feb. and I can`t believe 6 months passed by already! Well this week was pretty good and kind of longer than the others. 
Monday we had P- Day and while we waited for the other missionaries to get here we sat by the Temple and I read the pamphlets we teach with. I have to read them all and then pray specifically about them so that I can tell our investigators I have done it. We then went to eat some lunch and play pool. But in taco bell we found out that there is a Foosball table. So we decided to save money and just play Foosball for a few good hours. We also shopped and went home to contact. P-Days are the best cause the whole night is just street contacting. 
On Tuesday we had a great day! We had our first lesson with a family. Hermana Alma and Hermano Juan. And no she is not related to the Prophet so quit asking. As we got to their house I felt that they were a chosen family. We were teaching the 3rd lesson in the first visit. I know right? But it`s what we felt they needed. So as the Hermano was reading a scripture I pointed to the word Baptism out to my comp. He shook his head. I then went ahead and popped the question. They both agreed and they have a date for the 1st of September! It was awesome. 
Wednesday Was a good day we had Zone Meeting and also divisions with some Elders. I was with an Elder from Arizona that has 3 weeks in the mission. It was a good day. We contacted like crazy and had some quality lessons.  He said the funniest thing ever when we were at a door. There were three doorbells and he was like "Hey White I feel like Joseph Smith" and I asked him why and he just said, "cause, I don't know which is the true one." It was classic. 
Thursday was a solid day. We carried water in the morning. It`s almost a habit now a days. It was also the birthday of one of the teenagers in our branch and our comedor invited him and the other young men to come eat. It was a pretty solid lunch. It was a good time.  We also contacted in some alleyways. I stopped in one and prayed that we would find someone new who had already had a connection with the Church. About 8 seconds later we knocked on a door and found them. 
Friday nothing too great happened. 
Saturday we had a lesson with the family from Tuesday and we brought the Branch President and his wife with us. The Hermano said he couldn't make it to Church on Sunday morning. So when we got to the house in my prayer I begged that he would have a change of heart and come with his wife to Church. 
Sunday was a good day! We had 66 come to sacrament meeting. The attendance has not been that high for awhile. We also got 4 investigators there. Which is the biggest problem in our area is getting them to Church. I was sitting on the stand blessing the Sacrament and in walked the family! The Hermano came to Church! I also gave a talk on the Sabbath Day. The missionary couple brought me a letter from my best friend in the world Elder Rodgerson with a plaque in it. Sweet huh? We also went to the area of the sisters to help them out a little bit. The week was good. I would love to send pics, but I forgot my cable!
Love you all. The Church is True. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White #thedirtysouth

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