Monday, October 28, 2013


What's up family? This week was fast as ever and good. 
Monday we didn't do much for p-day. P-day outside of the capital is awful and it's spent in a bus traveling. 
Tuesday we had a great lesson with Hugo and Heidi. They are a sweet family we are teaching, but the problem is she is going to have a baby. Like it's over due. So it's hard for them right now to focus. We taught them the Book of Mormon and read with them a bit.  They also told us we would be sharing the message and a night of fellow shipping so we get there and it's a b-day party. Not cool branch. So we ate cake and left. 
Wednesday nothing good happened. 
Thursday we went to our comedor to eat dinner and they had left us pancake mix to make and they left town. The mix was full of cockroaches and so was the house. So we dumped it down the drain and went to eat at a restaraunt. 
Friday we had interviews with the President and his wife too! It was good. We had to memorize the 13th article of faith during the week when I'd study it I decided to study all of them. So I now know by memory the 13 Articles of Faith in Spanish. But not in English so don't get too excited Su Jones. Haha primary reference!We also read with Hugo and Heidi and taught them how God answers prayers. We also went to dinner and the sister was supposed to make brownies, but she didn't. So the guy whose house we eat in starts busting out scriptures and substituting words with brownies to condemn her. So we start too and after about 25 minutes we've busted out every scripture we know and replaced a word with brownies it was funny. 
Saturday we had a lunch in the Church and I met my roommate from the MTC's family! It was cool. We also visited a reference and taught their family. They are awesome. 
Sunday was pretty uneventful, but good. 

Well the Church is true. Love you all. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White

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