Monday, January 20, 2014

Week 2

Hey whats up? This week was fast.  It was pretty decent too. On Monday we came to Jutiapa for our first p-day here.  We ate Wendy's.  It had been awhile since I'd had some solid American food.  Well kind of American. P-Day now is worse than ever cause we spend twice as much time in the bus and have no time for anything else. But it's chill. 
Tuesday we had zone meeting and it was good. We then did divisions with the ZL's.   I was in Monjas with Elder Guaman.  It was a good time. He's a cool guy so it was pretty fun. 
Wednesday we had a branch night of fellow shipping where we had a fire pit. It was solid. 
Thursday we contacted a lot. 
Friday we had a lesson in the Church and our investigators couldn't come.  So the member and us were sitting there and we just started contacting everyone that walked by trying to get them in there to listen to a  quick message. I got one family to agree, but as we were walking in their daughter freaked out and started throwing a fit. So they left.  It was pretty disappointing. 
Saturday we saw some disturbing things. We were walking past a Church house and there were a bunch of people in a circle sitting around one guy in the middle that was shirtless and had a bag on his head and they were all bowing to him. But yes people these are the Churches that people in Monjas like to go to more than the True one. We also locked our keys in the house and had to get them out before our lesson in the Church. We met with Eduardo and taught him abut fasting. We fasted with him on Sunday. 
Sunday we fasted with Eduardo. We also found a new family. The husband knows a lot about Jesus Christ and has a strong desire to learn so that's good. The bad thing is they are only both there on Saturdays and Sundays. Well this week will be my b-day and the conference with Elder Cook and the east and central missions.  I'm so stoked. The Church is true. Love you all. 

Love, Elder White

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