Saturday, March 1, 2014

I missed you babe...I'm back

What up everyone. Yes my title refers to the capital. I'm back in the capital!! So that's cool. Yesterday was also the first time in nine months that I didn't bless or pass the sacrament. So that was even better. But I'm in the ward Economica in  the stake Milagro. So that's good. It's a ward that according to leaders is quote unquote "dying". But we are helping it out. This week was crazy. 
Monday I said bye to everyone out there in Monjas and Jutiapa and Jalapa and all that jazz. It's likely that I never return to any of those places. So that was sad. 
Tuesday we woke up and went to changes. That's where I got my new area and companion. I also saw some friends. My companion is Elder Villanueva from Nicaragua. He is cool. He has 3 months in the mish so that's tight. 
Wednesday we had a mini zone meeting thing. My zone is cool I guess. We also put some baptismal dates. 
Thursday we visited a part member family and put a fecha with the wife. They didn't go to Church however. So that's not working out like we wanted to, but it will be alright. Well get it back into motion. 
Friday we had some good lessons. We taught a niece of a member in their house and it was good. She said she wants to get baptized, but we have to find a time to talk to her Mom because, her Mom is doubtful. We also taught the Diaz Family, they have a date for the 29th of March. About the word of wisdom and they have no problems with it. So that's good. We also taught the husband of a less active sister in her house. They did go to Church on Sunday so that was cool. 
Sunday we had some solid Church time. We had nine investigators there so that was good. We also taught two brothers who are awesome. They couldn't go to Church yesterday for their work, but they are pilas. They are reading and studying and everything so we are going to get them into the font too we hope. In all the week was good. We have some great plans for March and we just need to be focused and plan them out well. La Carranza is awesome! There are more people in the street at all times than there are in the whole town of Monjas I think! So that's awesome. Love you all. The Church is true. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White 
P.S. oh yeah my kids did divisions together this week. So that is cool. 

Elder White & Elder Montenegro


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