Thursday, March 6, 2014


This week was chill I suppose. It's crazy that it's March. 
On Monday we had p-day. We didn't do anything. Just eat and chill in the house. 
Tuesday we did divisions. I was with Elder Anderson. Don't let the name fool you he's from the DR not the states. I was talking like a Dominican and he thought it was great. My kid taught me their slangs.  We saw a Sister from the ward buying bread and she waved at us. I felt like we should go back and chat. So we went back and asked how she was. She said she was good. We asked her if she was going home and she said yes so we went with her and she presented us to her neighbor. So that was solid. We also taught Ileana with the two returned missionaries in the ward that just got home. Ileana is a kid who is in the missions sister. She isn't a member, but she is awesome. We also taught the Diaz family that has dates for the 29th. They are too sick. 
Wednesday we cleaned our house with the DL and his comp. We should do that on p-day right? But my leader said to do it. So we did it. I can't argue with my leaders. We also taught the girlfriend of a less active brother. We then taught Elias. He got married to a sister in the ward and he's not a member. I invited him to get Baptized and he said yes! So that's cool. 
Thursday we had a sweet visit to ask for references. The brother told us that he had been praying for someone to stop by. He prayed about his neighbors. He then took us to one of their houses. They shut us down hard core, but he did his part.  We also taught a sister who's kid was murdered recently. The worst part is that she has to move so she doesn't get killed too. But we taught her about the Plan of Salvation. It was solid. 
Friday we did service cleaning up a lot in front of the house of a member family that helps us a ton. It was a good time. The newly returned Elder was telling us about the mish in Peru and how it's goals were way lower than ours, but it Baptizes more? Who knows what's up.  We then went with him to look for some less active young men cause, he's the young men's president.  We also put a date with a girl of our other date for the same day. So she'll get Baptized with her Mom!!! That's awesome. We had a family night with the Diaz Family and our mission leader and his family. It was solid. They are sick and offer to say the prayers and comment and also talk about their Baptisms and wedding n the 29th! So that's dirty. 
Saturday we tried to teach a members Dad. He knows the Church is true. But he is too stubborn to give up coffee. And he admits it. He's nice though. Some day. Dead or alive we'll Baptize him.  We also visited the Contrerras Family. The sister is getting Baptized on the 29th and they shall be married in the same date. Double wedding Baptisms! I'm down for the 29th. We also tried to put the date with Elias, but he wouldn't accept the date yet. 
Sunday we had four families in Church and all of the dates accept for one showed up. So that's solid.  We also had a great lesson with a Brother and his niece and her husband. When we left he shook our hands and with  tears in his eyes he  thanked us for helping him remember when he first heard the Gospel. This week was chill. I hope that this week is better. I've never had a bigger desire to give it all I can than I do right now. I love the Gospel and the power of the Atonement. I love my savior Jesus Christ and I love His Church. I love you all. Se cuidan muchà 


Elder Nicholas David White

Divison's with Elder Anderson

Just doing some service...

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