Sunday, March 16, 2014

Puppy Sacrament Meeting

This week was alright. I might have left my book in the house so I don't have all the stuff written out to write out for you guys, but we'll give it the best we can. 
Monday we went to eat and went shopping at Megapaca. It's just like a huge DI and half the stuff still has it's DI tags on it. Anyways I bought a sick jersey for four bucks so that will do me some good in the future. We also had a family night with the Diaz Family. They are too ready for their Baptism in three weeks. 
Tuesday we had zone counsel and it was better than usual. We also got way sick and just stayed home all day. Some members came over to give us blessings and all of that and we were dying. 
Wednesday was pretty much the same. We left for a little but my comp had to go back. I felt better this day. 
Thursday I was sick again. It was rough, but we got a little work in. We tried to do divisions, but it didn't work out and we ended up getting bailed on by both members. 
Friday we worked all day. We worked hard and had a few lessons with members. It's been harder getting the members to help out here in this ward then in the tiny branch of Monjas. But it's coming along. 
Saturday we worked. Sunday some families we weren't expecting came to Church so that's good. We also had a dog come into sacrament sit down and not move until it ended. He then got up and left. Weird huh. I almost counted him as an investigator, but I just couldn't.. haha. 

Love you guys. 

Love, Elder White

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