Sunday, March 30, 2014


Hey Family! This week was interesting and fast at times. 
Monday we just ate at some chicken place cause, our leaders said we couldn't go eat in the mall. Only once a change. They then went for the fifth time in the change so that's awesome leadership. I love them though.  We planned the Baptism agenda. We also taught a  family. 
Tuesday my companion contacted a less active after we had had a fallen appointment and started talking to the neighbors. We left to teach with the teenagers. 
Wednesday and Thursday I was in Carolingia on divisions with Elder Buchanan. 
Friday we filled the font and taught some converts about family history. 
Saturday we had a Baptism and taught the less active my companion found on Tuesday and her husband who isn't a member but has worked in thousands of Churches as a carpenter. 
Sunday we had some fams in Church and stuff. The week was good. I have no time. I love you all. 

Love, Elder White

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