Monday, April 21, 2014

I see you went back to giving only two pieces of bread

This week was solid.  Last P Day we went to buy my watch. I finally got a solid new one. We all had a sweet family night with the Boror Family. We have got two days out of the week set up to have Family nights of our investigators in the houses of two families. Only five days left to fill and it´ll be solid. The ward is working pretty well. 
Tuesday we did divisions. We all also got our cell phones! Dirty right. We all have cell phones now and it´s changing the work so much! It is so much more effective to work like this! I love it. Elder Lopez one of our zone leaders came to our area with us for the day. There are three so just one came with both of us. It was fun! We were in the MTC together and everything and were in Jalapa together so it was sweet. 
Wednesday we had a leadership meeting and it was long, but we learned some cool stuff. We also had some solid lessons. 
Thursday I did divisions in Carolingia with Elder Buchanan. It was a good day. 
Friday We had zone counsel and yes it was the same exact meeting I was in on Wednesday. So I went to it twice. Did I mention we had a pre meeting meeting with the DLs. So I went to the meeting three times in three days pretty much. We also put two baptismal dates with the Santos Family! They are awesome and progressing well. So we hope they can fulfill their commitment and get baptized on the 10th of May. Which is Mothers Day here in Guatemala! Hahaha. 
Saturday I hit months. I don´t even want to say how many cause you all know it. We also did a visit with a new family of members and they gave us a solid reference. We left with a kid who had never even met with the missionaries. What is that. He loved it though so we've got him on the bandwagon. We also had a stake priesthood meeting and we taught Edwin with Hermano Boror. 
Sunday we had stake conference and it was awesome. Elder Ochoa came to talk to the stake. We also left with two brothers in the afternoon. One went with us from 7 to 9 20 and we imagined to teach four lessons. A miracle happened too! We had planned to talk to about an investigator whose husband isn't progressing, but she is more than ready, she already passed a baptismal interview and everything about how she could be an example for him. We said the prayer and asked if she had questions. She said do I have to keep waiting for him or can I just get baptized. I want to get baptized already. She has and studies Preach My Gospel with her kids so I asked her to get it out and turn to the back. The question is there and the answer too. She read it and said, okay I want to get baptized. We put the date for this weekend! Miracles truly do happen in the mission when we do all that we can and are obedient. I love being a missionary. The Church is true. Love you all! 

Love, Elder White

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